Spain to ban plastic wrap for fruits and veggies

In the battle against plastic pollution, Spain has zeroed in on a new target — the plastic used to wrap fruits and vegetables in the supermarket.

Plastic-wrapped produce will be banned in the country beginning in 2023, according to a decree currently being drafted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, as sources familiar with the matter told Spain’s El País Wednesday.

“[We want to] fight the overuse of packaging in the most effective way,” a ministry spokesperson told El País, adding that plastic pollution “has exceeded all limits.”

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Malaga company creates bioplastics from tomatoes that decompose in seawater

Not sure if this is a step in the right direction - using food (which could to sent to feed the hungry) for industrial packaging.

Seems like this guy developed a better wrap -

Once everyone goes back to the land, turning their weapons into Ploughshares, probably old-fashioned canning will become commonplace again.