Spain’s regions seek tighter restrictions as COVID-19 cases (allegedly) tick up

[Andalucia next?]

Like other European countries Spain is considering more restrictions in response to an alleged increase in the number of Covid cases. However, we would suggest that we are simply seeing the usual annual increase in seasonal colds and flu, which share many of the symptoms of coronavirus.

This is not a wild conspiracy theory. Some strains of seasonal cold and flu have all but disappeared, or so it is claimed. Could that be because many cases of seasonal cold and flu are now being diagnosed as Covid-19 rather than ordinary seasonal ailments?

U.S. Hospitals have in fact been paid to diagnose patients as suffering from coronavirus. While we are not suggesting that Spanish hospitals are being paid to diagnose patients as suffering from Covid-19, there does seem to be a concerted effort across the West to inflate the scale of the pandemic, at least in the public’s mind.

Is this in order to justify the imposition of more draconian legislation to contain the “pandemic”?

Is it a coincidence that many countries in Western Europe are considering, or have recently imposed new restrictions to contain a claimed sudden spike in Covid cases?

Northern Ireland looks set to be the latest nation to do this, with the National Executive urging people to “work from home” to help contain the pandemic in the run-up to Christmas.

This leads us to wonder if we are witnessing a genuine public health crisis, or whether we seeing the emergence of totalitarianism by stealth in response to a fake “pandemic”? Ed.

Spain’s regions seek tighter restrictions as COVID-19 cases tick up

Reuters – Nov 23, 2021

Spain’s Catalonia region plans to demand proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test for entry to bars, restaurants and stadiums, while other regions are pushing for similar restrictions to tame rising infection rates.

The latest wave of infections in Spain, which has fully vaccinated a hefty 79% of its population, remains well below levels seen in Austria and the Netherlands, but authorities see the risk of it spiralling rapidly out of control.

Catalan regional government spokesperson Patricia Plaja told reporters the administration would seek judicial approval for the COVID pass to “reduce the risk of infection and to avoid overloading the health system”.

Mandatory COVID passes, because they are seen as infringing on fundamental civil liberties, require a sign-off from regional courts, whose responses to government requests have been mixed.

Catalonia, an affluent northeastern region, has a 14-day infection rate of 183 cases per 100,000 people, above the Spanish average of 132 and the 150 mark deemed as “high risk”.

It already requires the COVID pass for entry to nightclubs.

Nationwide occupancy of intensive care beds by COVID patients stands at a modest 5% on average, but some regions such as Catalonia and Aragon are above 11%.

In Navarre, across the Pyrenees from coastal Catalonia, authorities said they would seek court approval on Wednesday for the COVID pass at restaurants and nightclubs during the Christmas holiday season.

After a court in the neighbouring Basque region rejected a petition for COVID passes in restaurants, authorities said they could declare a health emergency if pressure on hospitals worsened.

If approved, the tighter restrictions could dampen Spain’s hopes to lure millions of tourists for the holidays, but the government remains upbeat that tourism will reach 66% of pre-pandemic levels in the fourth quarter.

“We have consolidated our image as a safe destination in the whole European context,” Tourism Secretary Fernando Valdes told Reuters, expecting more tourists for Christmas than in the 2021 summer season.

To cope with the rise in infections, Spain is offering booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines to people aged 60 and over, health workers and vulnerable groups, and plans to do so to a wider population.

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Moreno studying ‘progressive incorporation’ of Covid passports in Andalucia

Juanma Moreno, the president of the Junta de Andalucia –“There is no excessive risk, but, it is advisable to start anticipating situations” and therefore is the reason why his government is studying a move to “progressively incorporate the Covid passport because it serves to guarantee safe spaces and to motivate those who have not been vaccinated”.

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