Spain: Excessive use of force by police officers

This is a UN report.

The CAT experts questioned the delegation about the steps taken to prevent and combat ill-treatment in police activity, including the provision of trainings, considering a significant number of allegations of police violence had been reported.

They raised concerns about the excessive use of force by police officers, including with weapons such as rubber bullets during peaceful assemblies.

The CAT experts further raised serious concerns about the management by Spanish authorities of migrant centers, recalling the tragic incident which led to the death of numerous migrants in Melilla in June 2022, and stressed that steps must be taken to prevent such atrocities in the future.

On the excessive use of force by law enforcement officials, the State delegation stated public officials would be punish both from the legal point of view and the disciplinary point of view and added that Spain is working to provide them with human rights trainings. On the migration and asylum issue, the Spanish Cabinet had approved an infrastructure plan for holding centres for asylum seekers. The delegation stressed that training was provided to staff to identify victims of human trafficking in migrant centres.

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