South Korea BRINGS BACK restrictions amid fears of coronavirus 2nd wave

Authorities have warned that they will return to strict social distancing rules if they fail to curb the second wave of Covid-19 infections. The quarantine measures were eased just a few weeks ago.

Tighter restrictions were reinstated in South Korea’s capital, Seoul along with the adjacent city of Incheon and the Gyeonggi Province until June 14. During this time period, all night clubs, bars, museums, and some other public places will remain closed. Companies were recommended to allow employees to work from home and to reintroduce flexible schedules, among other measures. Citizens were encouraged to avoid large gatherings.

“The next two weeks are crucial to prevent the spread of the infection in the metropolitan area,” Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said.

We will have to return to social distancing if we fail.

A total of 79 more cases of Covid-19 were recorded on Thursday, marking the biggest daily increase in 53 days. The bulk of newly-discovered infections came from a warehouse of an e-commerce firm in Bucheon, west of Seoul.

South Korea had managed to largely curb the spread of the novel coronavirus through mass testing and contact-tracing*. The progress led to the authorities lifting strict quarantine restrictions on May 6. However, a new outbreak was registered in Seoul just several days later, with over a dozen infections being linked to night clubs and bars in the city’s popular clubbing district. This prompted the mayor to shut down all nightlife establishments.

*So they say, to condition/program you into accepting their draconian measures and poisonous "remedies".