Social media - 70% of police officers in charge of crowd control don't believe in the lockdown

Copy pasted from social media:

"Well Well well a friend of mine was in London at the week end and was talking to a police officer who let slip that he and around 70% of the officers in charge of crowd control don’t believe in the lockdown restrictions and he has been ordered NOT to talk to anyone about any views on the crisis.

I was talking to a local district nurse last week and she was also opposed to any anti virus inoculation until more extensive research was carried out.

she mentioned she thought it was a control exorcise in her opinion and someone is going to answer for all this disruption, and pay dearly for it in the long run [ it’s one big crime ]. And a deceptive LIE. IF THE SH*T HITS THE FAN THERE IS (are) GOING TO BE MANY PEOPLE WITH EGG ON FACE. !!"