Soaring spectacle as hundreds of black kites migrate north past Gibraltar

Hundreds of Black Kites have been migrating north past Gibraltar.

This is part of a broader movement including other species too, but most are Black Kites.

GONHS told GBC this is the most numerous bird of prey breeding in Europe. Numbers peak in March but they migrate from as early as January into June. They breed throughout Europe and North Africa and winter mainly in Africa south of the Sahara, although Asian populations winter elsewhere.

GONHS said: "They have generalist feeding habits and are extremely adaptable, which is why they are so successful. Notably, many hundreds of Short-toed Snake-Eagles having also been moving through this week as well. These are early migrants and breed largely around the Mediterranean."

"They feed on reptiles such as snakes and lizards. This is a great time of the year to witness the incredible spectacle of soaring bird migration, as these birds, which are poorly adapted to crossing large bodies of water, seek the shortest crossings between continents."

The advice is to keep your eyes peeled during westerly winds, which is when they are pushed towards the Rock. Otherwise, they prefer to cross closer to Tarifa, where the crossing is far shorter.

Hundreds of Black Kites migrating north past Gibraltar

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