Sister of GHA patient who died in 2017 files complaint with GMC against former Head of Clinical Governance, Dr Derek Burke

The sister of a GHA patient who died in 2017, has filed a formal complaint with the General Medical Council against the Health Authority's former Head of Clinical Governance, Doctor Derek Burke.

Gillaine Dellipiani says she does not want financial compensation but would like her brother's death not to have been in vain and for lessons to have been learnt from mistakes made.

She claims her family recognised her brother's case from e-mails Doctor Burke had sent colleagues citing specific instances of preventable harm - emails of anonymous case studies which entered the public domain.

In her witness statement, Ms Dellipiani claims her brother required an amputation of his left leg after the GHA failed to spot a blood clot.

Knives Out.

How does what tragically happened to her brother, a case of preventable harm, get turned into an attack on Dr. Burke?

Spin, spin, spin.

Something is afoot.

Character-assassination, legal-suits and more against whistleblowers - all tactics to intimidate, discredit and make life very difficult - for those who expose corruption. Classic.

Truth matters.