SHOT DEAD: Stories of Children who’ve been Killed by Covid Injections


This is the movie we wish we didn’t have to make. But this is a movie everyone needs to see. For the first time ever, hear the stories of covid shot deaths as told by the parents who lost their children.

Hear from the families brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children. Hear from the ones who have refused to keep quiet. We all know that there are so many who have sold out to pharma, denying that their loved ones were hurt or killed by the shots. But there is no amount of money or threats that can keep these parents from speaking truth in honor of their children…and so this doesn’t happen to one more child.

A We The Patriots USA Original Production
Produced and Directed by Teryn Gregson
Filmed and Edited by Jason and Avery Kabrich of Not Sheep Media

Official website: Shot Dead premiered on November 9, 2023

SHOT DEAD movie interview! Brian Festa and Teryn Gregson from We The Patriots USA

  • Vaccine documentary "Shot Dead" and its impact. (0:00)

  • COVID vaccine safety for children and propaganda. (0:51)

  • COVID-19 documentary and vaccine injuries. (5:26)

  • COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths, motivations of industry players. (9:33)

  • Depopulation agenda, vaccines, and spiritual battle. (14:14)

  • Legal victories and ongoing cases related to COVID-19 and medical freedom. (19:20)

  • COVID-19 vaccine injuries and censorship. (27:01)

  • Using AI for transcripts and translation. (32:31)

  • COVID-19 vaccine injuries and censorship. (36:13)

  • Vaccine industry and promoting alternative health products. (41:32)

SHOT DEAD movie interview! Brian Festa and Teryn Gregson from We The Patriots...

Shot Dead: The Movie

Secret CDC Report: Covid Shots Killed Half Million Children & Young Adults

February 25, 2024

A secret report from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been unearthed that shows a staggering half a million American children and young adults have been killed by Covid shots.

The CDC report has revealed that almost 500,000 Americans aged between 0 and 44 years old died from the dangerous side effects of the Covid mRNA injections between the start of the public rollout of the shots in early 2021 and October 9, 2022.

However, the shocking revelations from the report have been completely ignored by the corporate media – the same outlets that told the public the vaccines were “safe and effective.”

Compared to other countries, the U.S. Government has been slow to publish relevant and up-to-date data to allow the public to analyze the consequences of rolling out the Covid injections.

However, the data has finally been made public by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OEC).

The OEC is an intergovernmental organization with 38 member countries founded in 1961 to stimulate economic progress and world trade.

The organization hosts a wealth of U.S. government data on excess deaths.

The data is available for review here.

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