Shock Survey Results show 90+% against Gov’s COVID/Vax hoax

"The Gov and its crew of scammers at Suppression Central could be facing a personal catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude.

This reporter filled in an online survey set up to discover public opinion about the COVID scam and the current vaccines caper.

As I clicked the appropriate box under each question, it gave me the current percentages of how the vote is going. I’ve summarised them below.

They shocked even me."


It may be due to the votes being cast mainly by people who are against vaccines and similar things.


Today i watched a video by a popular news network and it listed side effects of 3 vaccines one of which is to be imported(Oxford, 500 million units). How did it happen? It is Indian news network btw, it had 2.2k views(seems to be increasing at a high relative rate).

However as I know mainstream news networks are not good in India also. I remember one day I heard news where it was being said that polio vaccines did not work in some circumstances/children due to bad stomach/diarrhea etc.

Some people commented offensive things against the channel. 307 likes 46 dislikes on the video as of writing.


Opened Tor Browser, then the video… found that all my comments with link were deleted(they show in default browser). Was it YouTube algorithm? It means T.H.E.Y. really wants to hide the truth.

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4.2k likes, 848 dislikes

how did they allow it…?(or maybe fake views)

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Can’t open my google account, works fine otherwise, was it due to my involvement in waking up people on the MSM Vaccine side effects video(had around 1.5 million views btw). Seems so, after 1.5 million views, views seemed to be increasing at a slow pace compared to earlier(YouTube algorithm)

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