Sharing unauthorised photos or videos taken in medical facilities now an offence

Sharing unauthorised photos or videos taken in medical facilities is now an offence.

Anyone who sends a public electronic message that features a recording within any medical facility, is liable to a fine of up to £10,000.

Medical facilities include the field hospital at the Europa Sports stadium, the Retreat Centre and the drive-through test centre.

It is also an offence to withhold information on the passenger locator form when flying into Gibraltar. An authorised officer may ask for further information if they feel the form is inaccurate, misleading or incomplete.

Anyone failing to provide this information is liable to a fixed Penalty Notice or fine of up to £10,000.

Why would the government want to KEEP A LID ON, CONTAIN, OR MANIPULATE any images of the hospital?

Maybe because "fraud vitiates everything"

Remember this? The confirmation by GBC that the Government were considering a proposal to allow a private media crew into hospital and ERS to produce “vetted images” of the pandemic during lockdown but had refused GBC access to the same facilities for independent sensitive reporting smacks of manipulation of the media and news given to the public of the worst kind. GSD: “Shocking Media Manipulation By Government”

Telegraph Exposes Massive Covid Hospital Fraud

This means that vast numbers of people are being labelled as hospitalised by covid when in reality they were admitted to hospital for something else and covid was only picked up during routine testing.

This is fraud.

Also - 4 in 10 hospital patients admitted for other reasons – 40% of patients with Indian Delta variant are admitted to UK hospitals for reasons OTHER than Covid | Daily Mail Online

Sharing photos in medical facilities is an offence in Gib – why?

What would they potentially want to hide?