Your “smart” phone is a weapon against you.

Global Reset AKA “Great New Start” : January 2021 (WEF)

“…If we think of the current crime against humanity, which has been unleashed worldwide by the “Big Money”, the globalists, foundations, Big Pharma and the WHO on the occasion of the “global corona false alarm”, together with the hypocritical promises of salvation of the kabbalistic World Economic Forum and the predatory International Monetary Fund, then we cannot assume a de-globalization and a turning away from inhuman neoliberalism. The ruling “elite” will use the meeting in Davos to further advance the global control of us citizens by destroying nation states. And this will be a great danger for humanity, which we can only fend off together…”


SERCO: A Corporate Octopus With Tentacles Wrapped Around The Globe
Foreign Outsourcing Giant SERCO Takes Over the US National Security State
It is only by correctly understanding the true role that the SERCOs of the world have in the running of the planet that anyone can even begin to apprehend the enormity and complexity, pervasiveness and profundity of the Government-Corporate Complex. Truly, the warnings of George Orwell’s 1984 have found their full manifestation in the real 800 pound gorilla that currently rules the realm — the entire planetary civilization.