Senior UK Lawyer discusses serving notices of liability on vaccinators and potential criminal trials for Crimes against Humanity

Anna de Buisseret is a senior UK lawyer and a retired Army Officer with nuclear, biological warfare training. “That’s why I’m standing up and speaking out. I’m upholding my Oath to We the People to ‘Protect and Serve’,” she says. She has previously also worked as a management consultant at Pfizer.

For the past year she’s been working with a team of lawyers, both in the UK and internationally, to drill down into the evidence and the legal analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are also working with various campaign groups including: HART; Covid19Assembly; World Doctors Alliance; UK Freedom Alliance; and, Us for Them.

During an interview with Tony Gosling de Buisseret explained what led her to believe Covid-19 was biowarfare. Because of her previous nuclear, biological and chemical weapons training and knowing that bioweapons had been in the making for a long time, she was “on high alert for bioweapons being released”.

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From Anna de Buisseret:

FRANCE, Europe and the UK:

Re “vaccine” passports, jabs for children, lack of informed consent etc.

I’m working with a French lawyer who is also working with a team of French lawyers to fight back - have faith and hold the line.

I’m also working with a number of lawyers in other countries both within Europe and around the globe.

This is all wholly illegal, unlawful, immoral and unethical.

We the People have the Rule of Law on our side.

We must uphold it and then we will win.

For the UK, read both the Bill of Rights 1688

and the Human Rights Act 1988

Both UK law.

Read also the European Declaration and Convention on Human Rights

European law.

Please also read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

International law.

and the Nuremberg Trials International case law Judgments.

Crime of Aggression Nuremberg Judgement

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal

International law.

And read in particular the Judgement of the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg of the Doctors and Nurses Trials.

For France, read the above International law.

There’s more laws to be read and understood and upheld - but if everyone started with those I’ve listed and upheld them, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Anna de Buisseret

legislation/govuk – Bill of Rights [1688]

An Act declareing the Rights and Liberties of the Subject and Setleing the Succession of the Crowne.

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