Send Aldi back to Germany and shutdown Yoti

Send Aldi back to Germany and shutdown Yoti

By Rhoda Wilson on June 14, 2023 A video taken by a member of the public of an Aldi store in London has gone viral. The man behind the video goes by a Twitter profile named ‘#FtheWEF till the day I die’, a refreshingly honest summary of how many of us feel. He tweeted the video a week ago and, on his Twitter profile alone, it has already had 1 million views. If you watch the video, below, you’ll understand why.


Aldi opened its first “contact-free” sensor-operated store in the UK in January 2022. The store, known as Aldi Shop & Go, is located in Greenwich, a commuter town close to the centre of London and the Canary Wharf financial hub. Business Insider described Aldi Shop & Go as a rival to Amazon Go. But are they rivals?

Amazon is one of the World Economic Forum’s (“WEF’s”) partners and WEF describes Amazon, bizarrely, as guided by “customer obsession rather than competitor focus.” Aldi is owned by the children and grandchildren of the Albrecht brothers and although it is not listed as a WEF partner it has been at the forefront of implementing the agenda.

In November 2021, Aldi notified all covid unvaccinated staff that their employment would be terminated if they did not provide proof of vaccination by 1 March 2022. In January 2022, Aldi was one of five major UK supermarkets trialling a digital platform, Yoti, to use artificial intelligence to estimate the age of customers. In October 2022, in an appalling insult to those struggling financially, Aldi in the UK decided to fill their shelves with insects, proudly displaying them as a cheap source of food for those families struggling under the cost of living crisis. It also aired a Channel 4 TV show called Aldi’s Next Big Thing’ which left viewers “sickened.” One angry viewer tweeted: “Quit trying to make us eat bugs!”

You’d have thought Aldi would have got the message by now, but maybe not. So, Dr. Vernon Coleman has some advice for us. Firstly, a brief outline of some of Yoti’s activities that have been extracted from a March 2022 article titled ‘World Economic Forum Backed Yoti Digital Identity Has Arrived for UK Consumers’. We note these activities because Yoti not only provides Aldi Shop & Go with in-built age estimation technology but forms part of a much larger and nefarious digital network.

Yoti is a member of WEF’s coalition to ‘Advance Global Digital Safety Campaigns’, a member of WEF’s Digital Identity Innovators, an associate member of DPA Age Verification and Internet Safety Steering Group and a sponsor of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Digital Identity. Yoti is also one of the leading industry voices advocating and pushing for the passage of the Online Safety Bill in the UK.

It has contributed to the Good Health Pass Collaborative’s [ID2020] Interoperability Covid pass Blueprint and was heavily involved within the vaccine passport sphere by making it easier for EU residents to prove their covid-19 vaccination status.

As of March last year, Yoti were working with over 600 companies that span national retailers, social media, online dating, e-commerce, financial services, crypto and many more. They are the strategic partner of the Post Office for digital identity and the eID provider for both the States of Jersey and the Improvement Service Scotland. They are already working with several national charities such as the NSPCC and are pioneering responsible age verification in the ICO Sandbox and the UK Home Office Sandbox.

As well as public services such as the National Health Service (“NHS”) and Post Office in the UK that use Yoti, Ecospend, the leading UK provider of open banking technology, has partnered with Yoti to integrate open banking services with its suite of identity solutions including the Yoti digital ID app.

Further afield, Yoti has been approved to commence accreditation as a private digital identity provider under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework. It also provides digital ID cards for secondary school students in Auckland, New Zealand.

It’s not only Aldi’s operations that need to be curtailed. Yoti’s operations need to be shut down as well.

Send Aldi back to Germany

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

Every sane and freedom-loving citizen should boycott Aldi – the German supermarket chain which is trying to move us into a digital world.

Shoppers who want to buy food in at least one Aldi “shop and go” store have to download an app before they are allowed into the store.

“Before they are allowed to enter the store.”

If you don’t have a smartphone and the Aldi app you can’t even enter the store.

If we allow Aldi to get away with this then our war with the conspirators is over. We are well and truly inside The Great Reset. Anyone who shops at Aldi is a collaborator – aiding and abetting the totalitarian conspirators who want to take over our lives. Tell everyone you know not to shop at Aldi – or any other store which tries controlling customers in this way.

And let Aldi know that it is finished in England.

We don’t want the Aldi app and we don’t want Aldi.

I will never succumb to this digital world.

And I hope you won’t.

To find out more about the future they have planned for us please read Vernon Coleman’s latest book ‘ They want your money and your life . You can obtain a copy via the bookshop on his website.

Featured image: Aldi launches ‘just walk out’ checkout-free store in Greenwich (left), Lloyds Banking Group invests £10 million in digital identity company Yoti (right)

Send Aldi back to Germany and shutdown Yoti