SEARCH THE ADVERSE EFFECT DATABASES - Results are shocking, including elderly deaths


Samples of VAERS Database of Elderly deaths (source). Image captured from source video.

Please do your research and investigation into the adverse effects, including death, to the experimental Covid19 vaccines. If information is being hidden, covered-up, whitewashed, or kept unavailable, perpetrators behind these actions should be held accountable. Understand what informed consent means.

Informed Consent is the process to make decisions for yourself, or loved ones. The process of informed consent includes:

• your ability to make a decision
• explanation of information needed to make the decision
• your understanding of the medical information
• your voluntary decision to get treatment

UK Consent form for the elderly in care homes - COVID-19 vaccination: consent forms and letters for care home residents - GOV.UK

UK Consent form for adults - COVID-19 vaccination programme - GOV.UK

Notice that the consent forms inform people that the vaccine is not completely effective and some people will get Covid despite being vaccinated. You must also still take all the other precautions (ie social distancing, facemasks).

Notice that they instruct the signer to visit the UK Yellow Card Database so that he/she can read the adverse effects (including death), which was set up to help monitor these effects by the UK government. News on this database was released prior to the rollout.

A red flag should be raised if you cannot obtain information about reports of adverse effects, especially because many of them go unreported - any database will only be a small portion of the statistics.

The first two graphics are from the U.S. VAERS database. Elderly death is occurring after vaccination. These images were captured from AnonymousAficionado video - VAERS tells the REAL story about how “safe” the COVID vaccine is, where in 3 minutes he showed viewers how to search the database. His video was featured in a 20-min. Bitchute:

:triangular_flag_on_post: Noted on that channel: as of Jan. 25, the VAERS database is down.

Here is a list of adverse effects from a database entitled Database of Articles and Sources Regarding COVID 19 Vaccination Adverse Events: from UK Medical Freedom Alliance; however it is not the official database.

One article of interest is from the Children's Health Defense - Tip of the Iceberg? Thousands of COVID Vaccine Injuries and 13 U.S. Deaths Reported in December Alone

As the early warning signs already apparent during clinical trials begin to translate into serious adverse reactions on a wider scale, officials now face a new public relations challenge — that of "managing expectations” to ensure population willingness to take the vaccine.

As more people hear about adverse events, and more adverse events occur — ranging from life-threatening anaphylaxis and emergency room visits to brain inflammation and death] — “selling” the experimental injections may become an increasingly uphill battle.

The article also brings up some elderly home deaths and how they are being handled.

By the way, Moderna admits mRNA Technology is an operating system.

Public Health Gibraltar disclosure about mRNA Technology is discussed here.