Sabotage threat to undersea cables nearby

The risk to undersea cables landing at Gibraltar or passing through the Strait has been highlighted recently in the UK press and in security circles. The concern is that after the suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in Northern Europe, other pipelines carrying fuel, or cables with data, could be similarly compromised.

The concern is that many of these are located at choke points around the globe including places like the Suez Canal or more relevant to us the Strait of Gibraltar. There is a host of information on the web which shows the location of many of these commercial cables. There are in addition to this obviously more secret military and data cables which are presumably more difficult to find.

Europe Seeks to Secure Underwater Sea Cables

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Medvedev: Putin Has Green Light to Sever Undersea Cables

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War under the sea for the Internet has begun

I cannot even begin to describe how slow my internet is moving..well ok I will.

It feels like 300 Baud. If you are 53 or older you may remember what a 300 baud modem was like I do when in 1985 I used to surf Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) using my Atari 800xl and a 3000 Baud Modem connected to my landline telephone.

We have come a long way in internet speed but today it feels like I am in a time warp.

A couple weeks back I complained to my wife of our super slow internet and so she put in a call to our local BIZNET ISP and they sent two techs out who after dunning some tests concluded all was well at my end but then they mentioned offhand that there were reports of a Undersea Internet Cable connecting Bali Indonesia to Singapore that had been cut.

Well I can confirm it - check this website out:
Bali Sea Cable Status

Now for a bird’s eye view which might be an indicator that a War for the Internet Undersea is being waged take a look at this here:

U.S. and China wage war beneath the waves – over internet cables

In a time like this I would sure love to have one of Elon’s Starlink systems but I don’t think they are allowed in Indonesia at the moment due to regulatory laws.

Couple what we are experiencing here with cyber threats made last week by Hackers that they were going to target EU banking systems and reports of cyber attacks on USA government sites and you can begin to see that anything is possible and internet outages will probably increase.

I do not believe the outage we are experiencing here is random. Are the US and CHINA at war right now under the sea and our grid here is a casualty of war?