While the international press treats the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines as a news item, we analyze it as an act of war against Germany and the European Union. Indeed, the three gas supply routes to Western Europe have been cut off simultaneously, while at the same time a new gas pipeline has been opened to Poland.
Just as Mikhail Gorbachev saw in the Chernobyl disaster the inevitable break-up of the USSR, so we believe that the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines marks the beginning of the economic collapse of the Union.

The United States’ fight to maintain its global hegemony has reached its third stage.
After the expansion of Nato to the East in violation of Western commitments not to station US weapons in Central Europe, Russia, which cannot defend its huge borders, is under direct threat.
In violation of its World War II commitments, Washington has put "hardcore nationalists" ("Nazis" in Kremlin terminology) in power in Kiev. They banned their Russian-speaking compatriots from speaking their native language, deprived them of public services, and ultimately bombed those in the Donbass. Russia had no choice but to intervene militarily to put an end to their ordeal.
The third round is the authoritarian change of energy supply to Western and Central Europe. On the same day, the Baltic Pipeline came into operation, the two Nord Stream pipelines were shut down, while the maintenance of Turkish Stream was interrupted.

This is the most destructive sabotage in history. An act of war against both Russia (51%) and Germany (30%), co-owners of these huge investments, but also against their partners, the Netherlands (9%) and France (9%). For the moment, none of the victims has reacted puclicly.

To carry out this considerable destruction, it was necessary to have submarines in the area, which the powers that be in the region have identified. If there are officially no clues, in the police sense of the term, the "surveillance cameras" (sonar) have already spoken. The states concerned know with certainty who the culprit is. Either they do not react, and they will be politically wiped out, or they prepare their reactions to this secret action in secret, and they will become real political actors when they do.

Let us remember the coup d’état in Algiers in 1961 and the subsequent assassination attempts against the President of the French Republic, Charles de Gaulle. De Gaulle pretended to believe that they were carried out by the Secret Army Organization (OAS), a group of Frenchmen opposed to Algerian independence. But his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maurice Couve de Murville, publicly mentioned the role of the Spanish Opus Dei and the U.S. CIA in organizing and financing them. De Gaulle sought out and identified the traitors, reorganized the police and the army, and suddenly, five years later, announced France’s withdrawal from the integrated command of NATO. He gave the latter two weeks to close its headquarters in Paris-Dauphine and move to Belgium; a little more time to close the 29 NATO military bases in the country. Then he began traveling abroad to denounce U.S. hypocrisy, especially the Vietnam War. France instantly became a leading power in international relations. These events have never been explained in public, but all political leaders of the time can confirm them [1].

Since the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the United States has developed a map of the world that disrupts international relations, leading it to overthrow governments and wage wars in order to build transportation routes for energy sources. This was the main activity of Vice President Al Gore for eight years, today it is the activity of Special Advisor Amos Hochstein. We remember the war in Transnistria to get hold of a pipeline hub [2], then the war in Kosovo to build a communication route through the Balkans, the « 8th corridor ». Now all the other pieces of the puzzle are coming to light.

It is particularly difficult to understand the evil that has just hit the European Union and will, in all likelihood, cause its economic collapse, because the Union itself has made some of the decisions necessary for its bankruptcy.

Until September 26, 2022, the Union was mainly supplied with gas by Russia. This was delivered either through the Brotherhood pipeline through Ukraine, the Nord Stream pipeline or the Turkisch Stream. The United States, which guarantees the security of the Union, has just cut off these three routes in succession. Of course the Brotherhood pipeline is still functioning, but it can be interrupted at any time by Kiev’s will, Nord Stream has been sabotaged and Turkisch Stream can no longer be maintained because of the sanctions that the Union has taken at the request of the USA.

Eleven years ago, Europeans were celebrating their union with Russia. They believed they were building a peaceful and prosperous world.

Until September 26, the economy of the Union was mainly based on the production of German industry. By cutting off Nord Stream, the United States destroyed German industry. In the famous words of Lord Ismay, the first Secretary General of NATO, the aim of the Anglo-Saxons was "to keep the Americans in, the Russians out and the Germans under control".

Ronald Reagan opposed the delivery of Russian gas to France and Germany. After imposing unsuccessful sanctions against companies in both countries, he ordered William Casey, the director of the CIA, to sabotage the Yamal gas pipeline in Poland. This was done.

This policy has been pursued by all US administrations without interruption since the 1950s. Nord Stream was built by 9 states, 4 of which own it. It started operating in 2011. Starting with Donald Trump’s term in office, in 2017, the US Congress threatened sanctions against the companies involved in the operation of Nord Stream 1 and those involved in the Nord Stream 2 project. President Trump himself has mocked Germany’s vassalage of Russian gas. A number of legal obstacles have been put in place to block Russian gas to Western Europe, not only by the United States, but also by Poland. From this point of view, the new US administration has not changed anything. Germany was wrong to believe that it was more benevolent.

It is true that in July 2021, an agreement was reached whereby Nord Stream 2 would have been replaced by hydrogen produced in Ukraine and transported, from 2024 (the date of the end of the Russian-Ukrainian contract), through the converted Brotherhood pipeline.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who was elected in December 2021, has made two serious mistakes in a few months. On December 7, he went to the White House where he tried to resist the United States’ demand that he stop accepting Russian gas. Back home, he chose to maintain Nord Stream and block Nord Stream 2, while seeking renewable sources. He thought, wrongly, that he was balancing the warmongering of US strategic thinking, the needs of his industry and the doctrine of the Greens, members of his government coalition.

The Chancellor had had a close call: during his press conference with the US President, Joe Biden said that his country could destroy Nord Stream 2 and that if Russia invaded the Ukraine, he would do so. It was absolutely frightening for Scholz to hear his overlord spit in his face that he could destroy a tens of billions of dollars investment if a third party acted without regard to his dictates. We do not know whether President Biden also mentioned the destruction of Nord Stream 1 during the closed-door talks, but it is not impossible. In any case, according to the German journalists who followed him, the chancellor returned to Germany pale.

His second mistake was made on September 16, 2022. His country wanted to get out from under the Anglo-Saxon umbrella and ensure its own security as well as that of the entire European Union. « As the most populous nation, with the greatest economic power and located at the center of the continent, our army must become the pillar of conventional defence in Europe, » the chancellor said. By specifying that he was only talking about "conventional defence", he intended to spare the susceptibility of his French neighbor, the only nuclear power in the Union. He did not realize that he was violating the Straussian doctrine by imagining that he was escaping from the US military protectorate. In 1992, Paul Wolfowitz signed the Defense Policy Guidance, excerpts of which were published in the New York Times. He indicated that the United States would consider any desire for European emancipation as a cassus belli [3].

Six days later, Navy Seals blew up the two gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea, setting Germany back eleven years.

At the same time, the Baltic Pipe pipeline was inaugurated with great fanfare, a few hours after the sabotage, by the Polish president, the Danish prime minister and the Norwegian energy minister. It does not have at all the same capacities as Nord Stream, but it will be enough to change the times. Once the European Union was dominated by German industry using Russian gas, now it will be dominated by Poland using Norwegian gas. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki triumphantly declared at the inauguration ceremony: "The era of Russian gas domination is coming to an end; an era that was marked by blackmail, threats and extortion. »

The act of war committed against Russia, Germany, the Netherlands and France forces us to rethink the events in Ukraine. It is much more important than what has gone before insofar as the United States has attacked its allies. I have explained at length in previous articles what the Straussians were looking for with their provocations in Ukraine. What has just happened shows us why Washington, as a state, supports the Straussian project, and that its "grand strategy" has not changed since the 1950s.

In 2017, a U.S. president, Donald Trump, came to participate in the launch of the Three Seas Initiative. Washington often wins because it sees further ahead than its allies.

In practice, the European Union will collapse economically, with the exception of Poland and its eleven Central European allies, members of the Three Seas Initiative (Intermarium) [4]. The tide is turning. From now on, Warsaw is running ahead.

The big losers will be Western Europe and Russia, but also Ukraine, which will have been destroyed only to allow this game of massacre.

Nord Stream Probe Finds Evidence of Detonations, Swedish Police Say - 7 October

A crime scene investigation of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines from Russia to Europe found evidence of detonations, strengthening suspicions of "gross sabotage", Sweden's Security Service said on Thursday, 7 October.

It is investigating what caused the leaks as Moscow seeks to pin the blame on the West, suggesting the United States stood to gain. Washington has denied any involvement.

"After completing the crime scene investigation, the Swedish Security Service can conclude that there have been detonations at Nord Stream 1 and 2 in the Swedish economic zone," it said.

The security service added that there was extensive damage to the gas pipelines and it had retrieved some material from the site that would now be analyzed. The evidence "has strengthened the suspicions of gross sabotage", it added.

Russia said it had been informed via diplomatic channels that it was not able to join the investigation.

"As of now, there are no plans to ask the Russian side to join investigations," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, adding that Moscow replied it was not possible to conduct an objective investigation without its participation.

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So it appears that one pipeline is still intact between Russia and Germany.

The Cradle: What is your analysis on Gazprom confirming Line B of the Nord Stream 2 was not touched by Pipeline Terror? This means Nord Stream 2 is practically ready to go – with a capacity to pump 27.5 billion cubic meters of gas a year, which happens to be half of the total capacity of – damaged – Nord Stream. So Germany is not doomed. This opens a whole new chapter; a solution will depend on a serious political decision by the German government.

Hudson: “Here’s the kicker: Russia certainly won’t bear the cost again, only to have the pipeline blown up. It will be up to Germany. I bet the current regime says “No.” That should make for an interesting rise of the alternative parties.

The ultimate problem is that the only way Germany can restore trade with Russia is to withdraw from NATO, realizing that it is the major victim of NATO’s war. This could only succeed by spreading to Italy, and also to Greece (for not protecting it against Turkey, ever since Cyprus). That looks like a long fight.

Maybe it’s easier just for German industry to pack up and move to Russia to help modernize its industrial production, especially BASF for chemistry, Siemens for engineering, etc.. If German companies relocate to the US to get gas, this will be perceived as a US raid on German industry, capturing its lead for the US. Even so, this won’t succeed, given America’s post-industrialized economy.

So German industry can only move eastward if it creates its own political party as a nationalistic anti-NATO party. The EU constitution would require Germany to withdraw from the EU, which puts NATO interests first at the federal level. The next scenario is to discuss Germany’s entry into the SCO. Let’s take bets as to how long that will take.”

Complete article here.

" > After the suspected sabotage of the network last week in a series of explosions, Gazprom said on Monday three of the lines were affected and one wasn’t. The gas giant has lowered pressure on the unaffected line B of Nord Stream 2 to inspect the link for damage and potential leaks, it said in a statement on its Telegram account.

An Unz Review commenter explained:

“The vaunted US Navy screwed up. In the murky depths of the Baltic Sea they planted their explosives to blow up the FOUR pipes of the NS 1 & NS2 gas pipelines. (You didn’t know there were four pipes, did you? Neither did I.) But they appear to have screwed up and placed two of the explosive packages on one of the NS2 pipes — line A — leaving the other pipe — line B — with no explosive charge, and subsequently NO DAMAGE. Line B is therefore READY TO GO with a capacity of 27.5 billion cubic meters per year … which for comparison is 50% of total capacity of Nordstream 1, which as you may recall was recently reduced to 20% capacity before being shut down completely. (2.75 times the capacity of the newly-opened Norway-to-Poland gas pipeline).”

Complete article here.

The twists and turns of the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) saga have yielded yet another stunning game-changer.

It started with Gazprom revealing that the Line B string of NS2 is intact; not only it escaped Pipeline Terror but may “potentially” be used to pump gas to Germany.

That confirms once again that NS2 is an engineering marvel. In fact the whole system: the pipes are so strong they were not broken, but merely punctured.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak followed up, with a caveat: restoration of the whole system, including NS, is possible, and “requires time and appropriate funds”. But first, in Russia’s order of priorities, the perpetrators must be conclusively identified.

Sources in Moscow confirmed Gazprom’s assessment of NS2. Even Bloomberg had to report it.

Subsequently in Vienna, attending the Opec+ meeting, Novak remarked the Russian Federation is “ready to supply gas through the second line of Nord Stream 2. This is possible if necessary”.

So we know it’s possible. “Necessary” will depend on a political decision by Germany.

Novak also sharply noted that neither Russia nor the Nord Stream operators are allowed to investigate Pipeline Terror. Russia insists that without its participation the investigation is flawed.

Whatever the modus operandi of Pipeline Terror, incompetence was part of the package. No explosive charges were placed or detonated on Line B of NS2.

That means, as Novak said, it’s virtually ready for business. Line B is capable of pumping 27.5 billion cubic meters of gas a year, which happens to be half of the total capacity of NS.

NS’s capacity had been reduced to 20%, due to the interminable turbine saga, before it was completely shut down. Crucially, Line B of NS2 would still pump 2.75 times the capacity of the recently inaugurated Baltic Pipe from Norway to Poland via Denmark. Which basically profits Poland, unlike NS2 servicing several EU customers.

NATO investigates NATO

In a rational world, Berlin would scrap the Russian sanctions pile up and immediately order the start of forever-delayed NS2, guaranteed to at least attenuate the ongoing process of de-energization, de-industrialization and deep socio-economic crisis imposed by the usual suspects on Germany.

But the collective West remains enslaved by geopolitical psychopaths guided by irrationality. So that’s not likely to happen.

For starters, the “investigation” of how Pipeline Terror happened feels like Kafka rewritten by NATO.

The operators of NS and NS2 – Nord Stream AG and Swiss-based Nord Stream 2 AG - cannot reach the scene of the crime because of absurd restrictions imposed by the Danes and the Swedes. The operators need no less than 20 working days to obtain the “permits” to carry out their own inspections.

Copenhagen police is handling the crime scene near the Danish exclusive economic zone (EEZ), in parallel to the Swedish Coast Guard around the Swedish EEZ.

If this looks like one of those Scandinavian noir series popular on Netflix, that’s because it is. With a crucial twist: it’s NATO investigating itself – Sweden is about to enter NATO – with no Russians allowed. All top working hypotheses on Pipeline Terror point to an intra-NATO dirty op against NATO member Germany.

So any disturbing evidence pointing to NATO actors may conveniently “disappear” or be tampered with during these long 20 days necessary for the “permits” to be issued.

Meanwhile, the consequences of the energy war imposed by the US on Europe against Russia will keep piling up, and cost the EU up to a whopping 1.6 trillion euros, according to a report by Yakov & Partners, the former division of McKinsey in Russia.

Considering a NS2-deprived EU plus non-stop rising energy prices on the spot market, the EU GDP may decrease by as much as 11.5% (1.7 trillion euros), with about 16 million people thrown into unemployment.

EU gas storage at current high levels (90%) does not mean having enough gas for the winter. Total gas storage amounts to about 90 days of demand. The EU could easily be out of gas by March or even earlier at the current pace of just a trickle of gas flowing.

This means that the EU will have to cut gas consumption by at least 20% overall. And never forget that imported Norwegian or American gas is ridiculously more expensive than fixed-contract Russian gas.

The Return of the Morgenthau Plan

The sanctions dementia never stops though. The G7, in three subsequent stages, will target Russian crude, diesel and naphtha, according to the US Treasury. They still insist on an oil price cap - which neither Russia nor several Global South customers will follow.

The Big Picture remains the same. Pipeline Terror was a desperate gambit to keep Germany from concluding a sanctions carve-out for the Nord Streams with Russia.

A secret channel of negotiation was in effect. It’s enlightening to consider that all previous actions by Berlin and Moscow, delaying and restricting the gas flow, were carried out to keep the Empire from following through on its threat of terminating NS2.

Then the Empire made its move.

From Moscow’s point of view, that changes nothing in the Grand Chessboard. The Kremlin has manipulated Washington’s absolute desperation in refusing to admit to the greatest foreign policy debacle since Vietnam; the Russians meanwhile keep pursuing the objectives of the Special Military Operation (SMO), which is about to metastasize into a Counter-Terrorist Operation (CTO).

As it stands, Moscow is not affected by the interconnected energy, fuel and resource crises coupled with immense, worldwide supply chain disruptions.

Russians are essentially bemused spectators contemplating the slowdown of industrial production in the eurozone coupled with capital outflows, the rise of inflation and the about-to-explode social protests.

There’s a dangerous window for irrational imperial actions from now to the G20 next month in Bali. Afterwards we will have a completely different ball game, not only in the Ukrainian battlefields but mostly across a mired in distress EU.

The Morgenthau Plan after WWII was concocted to literally starve Germany to death via the destruction of the Ruhr coalmines. It's strikingly similar to the Straussian plan by American neocon psychos to cut Germany off from Russian natural gas by bombing NS and NS2.

The first Morgenthau Plan would have led to the deindustrialization of Germany. According to Clause 3, the entire Ruhr "should not only be stripped of all…existing industries but so weakened and controlled that it cannot for the foreseeable future become an industrial area.”

The ending of Germany as an industrial state would have created massive, permanent unemployment affecting 30 million people, according to Henry Stimson, the US Secretary of War. Morgenthau's response was that the surplus population could be dumped on North Africa.

US intel was very much aware of the rapprochement between Berlin and Moscow. Striking NS and NS2 was the signature gambit of the Morgenthau Plan remixed by the Straussian/neocon combo.

Yet it ain’t over till the Wagnerian lady sings. No need for Gotterdammerung: Germany may have its own destiny on its hands after all. Just turn on the switch on NS2.

Satellites detect methane plume in Nord Stream leak

Following unusual seismic disturbances in the Baltic Sea, several leaks were discovered last week in the underwater Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, near Denmark and Sweden. Neither pipeline was transporting gas at the time of the blasts, but they still contained pressurized methane—the main component of natural gas—which spewed out producing a wide stream of bubbles on the sea surface.

With the unexplained gas release posing a serious question about the incident's environmental impact, a suite of complementary Earth observation satellites carrying optical and radar imaging instruments were called upon to characterize the gas leak bubbling in the Baltic.

Although methane partly dissolves in water, released later as carbon dioxide, it is not toxic, but it is the second most abundant anthropogenic greenhouse gas in our atmosphere causing climate change.

As the pressurized gas leaked through the broken pipe and traveled rapidly towards the sea surface, the size of the gas bubbles increased as the pressure reduced. On reaching the surface, the large gas bubbles disrupted the sea surface above the location of the pipeline rupture. The signature of the gas bubbling at the sea surface can be seen from space in several ways.

Owing to the persistent cloud cover over the area, image acquisitions from optical satellites proved extremely difficult. High-resolution images captured by Pléiades Neo and Planet, both part of ESA's Third Party Mission Program, showed the disturbance ranging from 500 to 700 m across the sea surface.

Several days later, a significant reduction in the estimated diameter of the methane disturbance was witnessed as the pipelines' gas emptied. Images captured by Copernicus Sentinel-2 and US Landsat 8 mission confirmed this.

As disturbances such as these cause a "roughening" of the sea surface, this increases the backscatter observed by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) instruments, which are extremely sensitive to changes in the sea surface at such a scale. These include instruments onboard the Copernicus Sentinel-1 and ICEYE constellation—the first New Space company to join the Copernicus Contributing Missions fleet.

ESA's Scientist for Ocean and Ice, Craig Donlon, said, "The power of active microwave radar instruments is that they can monitor the ocean surface signatures of bubbling methane through clouds over a wide swath and at a high spatial resolution overcoming one of the major limitations to optical instruments. This allows for a more complete picture of the disaster and its associated event-timing to be established."

One of the ruptures occurred southeast of the Danish Island of Bornholm. Images from Sentinel-1 on 24 September showed no disturbance to the water. However, an ICEYE satellite passing over the area on the evening of 28 September acquired an image showing a disturbance to the sea surface above the rupture.

What about the methane released?

Although optical satellites can provide us with the radius of the methane bubbling over water, they provide little information on how much methane has been released into the atmosphere.

Monitoring methane over water is extremely difficult as water absorbs most of the sunlight in the shortwave infrared wavelengths used for methane remote sensing. This limits the amount of light reaching the sensor, thus making it extremely difficult to measure methane concentrations over the sea at high latitudes.

GHGSat, a leader in methane emissions monitoring from space and also part of ESA's Third Party Mission Program, tasked its satellites to measure the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline leak with its constellation of high-resolution (around 25 m) satellites. By tasking its satellites to obtain measurements at larger viewing angles, GHGSat were able to target the area where the sun's light reflected the strongest off the sea surface—known as the "glint spot."

On 30 September, the estimated emission rate derived from its first methane concentration measurement was 79,000 kg per hour—making it the largest methane leak ever detected by GHGSat from a single point-source. This rate is extremely high, especially considering its four days following the initial breach, and this is only one of four rupture points in the pipeline.

GHGSat Director for Europe, Adina Gillespie, said, "Predictably, the media and the world have turned to space to understand the scale of the Nord Stream industrial disaster. While we await further investigation on the cause, GHGSat responded quickly, measuring 79,000 kg per hour of methane coming from the leaks. We will continue tasking GHGSat satellites for the Nord Stream sites until we no longer detect emissions."

Claus Zehner, Copernicus Sentinel-5P, Altius and Flex Missions Manager, mentions: "Besides GHGSat, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite provided methane concentration measurements emitted by this pipeline leak which highlights the feasibility to use both public funded and commercial satellites in a synergistic way."

Environmental impact

Although closed at the time, the two Nord Stream stems contained enough gas to release 300,000 metric tons of methane—more than twice the amount released by the Aliso Canyon leak in California over several months in 2015–16.

As large as it may be, the Nord Stream release pales in comparison with the 80 million metric tons emitted each year by the oil and gas industry. The latest release is roughly equivalent to one and a half days of global methane emissions.

Methane observations from the Sentinel-5P satellite can observe regions with enhanced methane concentrations from strong point sources all over the world. Satellite observations are a powerful tool for improving estimates of emission strength, seeing how they change over time and can also help detect previously unknown emission sources.

Looking ahead, the upcoming atmospheric Copernicus Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Monitoring mission (CO2M) will carry a near-infrared spectrometer to measure atmospheric carbon dioxide, but also methane, at a good spatial resolution. This mission will provide the EU with a unique and independent source of information to assess the effectiveness of policy measures, and to track their impact towards decarbonizing Europe and meeting national emission reduction targets.

Yasjka Meijer, ESA's Scientist for Copernicus Atmospheric Missions, commented, "The CO2M Mission will provide global coverage and has a special mode above water to increase observed radiances by looking toward the sunglint spot, however it will be equally limited by clouds."

Britain to Acquire Two Specialist Ships to Protect Underwater Infrastructure

Britain will acquire two specialist ships to protect underwater infrastructure such as cables and pipelines, defence minister Ben Wallace said on Sunday, following leaks in the Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to Europe.

European countries say the Nord Stream pipelines were damaged by "sabotage" but have stopped short of blaming Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed Western countries.

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, central England, Wallacespoke about "mysterious damage" inflicted to the pipelines but made clear that he saw the threat to Britain's infrastructure as coming from Russia.

"It should remind us all how fragile our economy and infrastructure is to such to such hybrid attacks ... Our internet and our energy are highly reliant on pipelines and cables. Russia makes no secret of its ability to target such infrastructure," Wallace said.

"So for that reason I can announce we have recently committed to two specialist ships with the capability to keep our cables and pipelines safe."

Wallace said the first "multi-role survey ship for seabed warfare" would be bought this year and would be operational by the end of next year, while the second ship would be built in the United Kingdom.

Britain to Acquire Two Specialist Ships to Protect Underwater Infrastructure

US Navy Jet Flew Across Baltic Hours After Nord Stream Burst

By Nerijus Adomaitis, Tim Hepher and Phil Stewart October 7, 2022

(File photo: Mike DiMestico / U.S. Navy)

(File photo: Mike DiMestico / U.S. Navy)

A U.S. Navy reconnaissance aircraft flew near the site of the ruptured Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Baltic Sea hours after the first damage emerged, according to tracking reviewed by Reuters, a flight Washington said was routine.

Russia's Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines burst on Sept. 26, draining gas into the Baltic Sea off the coast of Denmark and Sweden. Seismologists registered explosions in the area, and police in several countries have launched investigations.

Flight data showed a P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol and reconnaissance plane was over the North Sea at 0003 GMT when Swedish seismologists registered what they later described as a subsea blast southeast of Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea.

The plane, which had flown from Iceland, performed a pattern of regular racetrack-shaped circuits over Poland before breaking away towards the Baltic pipeline area, data showed.

The identity of the plane could not immediately be established because of the type of rotating identification code sometimes used by such planes, but the U.S. Navy confirmed it was an American aircraft when presented with data by Reuters.

"The U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft shown in the tracking data conducted a routine Baltic Sea maritime reconnaissance flight, unrelated to the leaks from the Nord Stream pipelines," a U.S. Navy spokesperson said.

Asked if any of the intelligence gathered might help investigators looking into the pipeline ruptures, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa spokesperson, Capt. Tamara Lawrence said: "We do not have any additional information to provide at this time."

It's unclear what role, if any, the U.S. military is playing to aid European investigations into the ruptures of the pipelines, although President Joe Biden has spoken about eventually sending down divers.

'Chess game'
According to the data, several minutes past 0100 GMT the plane flew south of Bornholm heading to northwestern Poland, where it circled for about an hour above land before flying at around 0244 GMT to the area where the gas leak was reported.

It came as close as some 24 kms (15 miles) to the reported leak site, circled once and flew towards the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, a frequent focus for surveillance, analysts say.

Polish, Swedish, Danish and German ministries of defense were not immediately available for comment.

There is flight data missing between 0339 GMT and 0620 GMT, but on its way back, around 0700 GMT, the plane flew some 4 kms north of the reported leak site.

Reuters used a partial flight map from U.S.-based tracking website Radarbox complemented by data provided to Reuters by Sweden-based Flightradar24 to reconstruct the P-8's path.

Flightradar24 data showed the plane taking off and landing at Reykjanes peninsula in southwestern Iceland, where Keflavik Air Base is located along with reported P-8 hangar facilities.

The data emerged as the Baltic remains a front for Cold War-style tensions in the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to analysts who caution it is impossible to establish with certainty the reason behind specific military flight paths.

"The Baltic is a very active sphere of confrontation with lots of probing and an endless chess game," said UK-based defense analyst Francis Tusa.

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Thursday the pipeline burst was "most likely" the work of Russian special services, citing information from Western allies.

Western governments and officials have so far avoided pointing a finger directly at Moscow, while Russia has rejected any allegations of responsibility as "stupid", blaming the United States and its allies instead.

Is the same as Moderna investigating Moderna,
Pfizer investigating Pfizer, etc...
Banks investigating Banks?

There is no Law without Gods Laws

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1982. pipeline

A Soviet pipeline to Europe was sabotaged in 1982, and the culprit was the CIA

If history is any indicator, the recent destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia to Germany was an act of sabotage by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Just a few days prior to the incident, the CIA essentially threatened Berlin under the guise of a warning, which some believe is indicative that this was a Deep State operation.

It certainly would not be the first time the CIA has sabotaged crucial energy infrastructure in foreign lands. In fact, the CIA sabotaged another then-Soviet pipeline in Siberia back in 1982. Software created in the United States triggered the explosion, which was so large that it could be seen in space.

Similarly, the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines was accompanied by a seismic reading that looked like a 2.3 magnitude earthquake, the suggestion being that it was detonated in some manner using a bomb or other explosives like undersea mines.

At the time, the American government did not want Europe purchasing gas from the Soviet Union. Is that the same reason why the U.S. also destroyed, potentially, the Nord Stream pipelines in 2022?

When the CIA doesn’t get what it wants, it blows things up

In 2004, the Washington Post published a piece written by David Hoffman about the 1982 incident. Then-President Ronald Reagan reportedly approved the destruction of the Siberian pipeline using “covert transfers of technology that contained hidden malfunctions, including software that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural gas pipeline.”

That was according to a memoir written by Thomas C. Reed, a former Air Force secretary who was serving in the National Security Council at the time. It is titled “At the Abyss: An Insider’s History of the Cold War.”

The sabotaging of the Soviet pipeline in 1982 was just “one example,” Reed emphasized, of the U.S. Deep State’s “cold-eyed economic warfare” against the Soviet Union.

William J. Casey was director of the CIA during the final years of the Cold War, and he is credited with orchestrating the sabotage that Reagan authorized.

Reed explained it like this: “In order to disrupt the Soviet gas supply, its hard currency earnings from the West, and the internal Russian economy, the pipeline software that was to run the pumps, turbines, and valves was programmed to go haywire, after a decent interval, to reset pump speeds and valve settings to produce pressures far beyond those acceptable to pipeline joints and welds.”

The end result, Reed claimed, was “the most monumental non-nuclear explosion and fire ever seen from space,” which was so big that it was picked up by satellites.

“I trust nothing out of Washington, DC,” wrote a commenter about the revelation.

“Always start off with the presumption that DC is lying,” wrote another.

“All they do is lie and line their own pockets with taxpayer dollars, re-funneling money back to their own coffers.”

Someone else wrote that similar sabotage incidents are happening here in the U.S., including to farms, food factories and other key infrastructure that the world in its current form relies upon for sustenance.

“Joe Biden and his band of gender-confused idiots screwed up here,” wrote another about how Gazprom, Russia’s state energy giant, only owns 51 percent of Nord Stream, while the other 49 percent is owned by pipeline operators in Switzerland and elsewhere.

“Notice neither Sweden nor Denmark wants any help from the U.S. for the ‘investigation’ on this one.”

Eco warriors silent on Nord Stream


It’s also not the first time that explosives have been around the pipeline. In 2015, a remote-controlled mine disposal drone (used to deal with all those sea mines) was found near Öland by Nord Stream during a maintenance check. It was armed with explosives but deemed ‘harmless’ by the Swedish armed forces.

The Swedish Minister for Defence Mikael Odenberg has long-held reservations about Nord Stream due to its presence enabling Russian Navy ships to enter Sweden’s economic zone – fears that were not helped by Putin pulling the ‘climate card’ by insisting that the pipeline’s ecological safety would be maintained by the Russian Navy.

‘Some objections [to Nord Stream] put forward are laughable – political, military, or linked to spying. That is really surprising because in the modern world … it is laughable to say a gas pipeline is a weapon in a spy-war,’ said Alexander Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Gazprom (owners of Nord Stream).

As history routinely teaches, there is no such thing as the safety of the modern world when it comes to spy games. Today, the Nord Stream really is ground zero for political mind games in a very real war.

There are plenty of reasons for both Russia and America to fuss around with Nord Stream.

Is this about ensuring that Europe has a dark, cold winter with impossible gas prices intended to destabilise society and spark civil unrest, or is someone laying the groundwork for an extended conflict? Is Putin trying to justify his conscription demand while Russian men flee across the border to escape the Kremlin’s war of aggression, or is America ripping Germany off the Russian teat and forcing the European Union to grow a spine and find new energy partners before the real war kicks off…

Adding to the conspiracy theories, Russian navy support ships were seen in the area of the explosions shortly beforehand while Biden has previously made public threats against the safety of the pipeline. There is also the interesting geopolitical problem where Russia cannot target Nato-owned assets without provoking an immediate response, but attacks on Russian assets require no action from America – other than dialogue.

It has been pointed out that with Nord Stream 1 closed indefinitely for repairs and Nord Stream 2 not yet open, the immediate repercussions have a lot more to do with posturing and gas prices than supply.

No one knows what happened, only that something has happened.

The Germans say this damage may be enough to permanently destroy both pipelines. If the gas stops leaking, the pipes will fill with water leading to extensive corrosion. The only thing that anyone can say for sure is that neither pipeline is going to be operational any time soon.

Despite the eye of the gas storm erupting in Danish and Swedish waters, there’s no sign of famous climate warrior Greta Thunberg or Green groups kayaking out to take selfies with the end times. Nor are there any super yachts belonging to movie stars parked around the gas leak.

According to Denmark, the leak could take up a third of its allowable climate emissions. Remember, the European Union wants to kill everyone’s cows to curb methane, meanwhile it is pouring out of the water in a complete waste of resources.

For anyone watching the holistic political conversation, there is an extraordinary disconnect between the Climate Change rhetoric and the behaviour of world leaders.

The exact same collection of eurocrats and bureaucrats who tell ordinary, working-class people that they have to give up their cars, move into tiny apartments, stop eating meat, replace thousands of years of agriculture with lab-grown 3D-printed insects, lock thermostats just above freezing, replace capitalist democracies with eco-fascist dictatorships, and ‘get used to’ living under a digital tyranny – are quite happy to pour billions into warfare.

As for Nord Stream, it will end up another rusted casualty of war at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Eco warriors silent on Nord Stream | The Spectator Australia

Bullet Points: Scott Ritter on Nord Stream Explosions 9 Oct 22

NATO Explosive Device Found Next to Nord Stream Pipeline in 2015


Bullet Points: Scott Ritter - Nord Stream "An act of international terrorism"


Sweden Abruptly Ends Joint Nord Stream Probe Citing 'National Security,' Refuses to Share Findings

The “international joint investigation” into the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines is already looking like a cover-up.

From TASS, “Sweden unwilling to share Nord Stream investigation findings — Der Spiegel”:

Sweden rejected the idea of sharing its findings from the investigation into the incidents on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines with Germany and Denmark, referring to its high security classification level, Der Spiegel reported on Friday citing sources.

The weekly said that Sweden declined to establish an international joint investigation team to look into the incidents on the Nord Stream system. According to the magazine, Sweden justified its refusal by claiming “the confidentiality level of the results of its investigation was too high to share them with other states.”

However, as Der Spiegel points out, Sweden had not initially commented on the issue. Speaking about Sweden’s refusal, Berlin said that it still hopes for cooperation with local authorities. Primarily, the German investigators need to assess images of the German army’s Sea Cat underwater drone, which reportedly shows a larger crater, indicating a powerful explosion.

Moreover, most of the pipeline had been smashed and the current might have washed some parts of the pipe away after the incident. The weekly says that the German authorities believe after conducting an initial analysis that an explosive device equivalent to 500 kilos of TNT might have been used for the blast.

Earlier in the day, Germany’s ARD television channel reported citing sources in the German government that Germany, Sweden and Denmark gave up plans to jointly investigate the sabotage at the Nord Stream pipelines and will do it separately instead. A German Interior Ministry spokesperson told reporters that the German Federal Police had completed investigative activities on the scene.

Russia was also blocked from taking part in the original (now-ended) joint probe.

From AFP/The Local, “Russia aggrieved at Germany, Denmark and Sweden over Nord Stream probe”:

The ministry said it “expressed bewilderment” over the lack of an official response to a request from Russia’s Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin to involve Russian energy giant Gazprom and “representatives of the competent departments” from Russia in the investigation conducted by Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

The envoys were told that if Russian experts are not involved “Moscow will proceed from the fact that the named countries have something to hide or they are covering for the perpetrators of these terrorist acts”, the ministry said.

It added that Russia will not recognise any “pseudo-results” of an investigation without its experts.

Joe Biden “promised” back in February that the Nord Stream 2 would no longer exist if Russia invaded Ukraine.

After it was blown up, Polish MEP Radoslaw Sikorski openly thanked the US for its destruction.

The way the EU and especially Germany have looked the other way to their critical infrastructure being bombed — most likely by the US or its proxies in Ukraine or Poland — is truly remarkable.

Their economy is being plunged into a depression due to crippling energy prices and the most their “leaders” are willing to do is whine about the US charging them too much for imported natural gas.

Sweden Abruptly Ends Joint Nord Stream Probe Citing ‘National Security,’ Refuses to Share Findings | The Truthseeker

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In 2021, the volume of natural gas transported from Russia to Germany via the pipeline Nord Stream, or North Stream-1, reached 59.2 billion cubic meters, exceeding the annual capacity by 4.2 billion cubic meters. The utilization rate of Nord Stream has steadily increased since 2013, when it was measured at approximately 43 percent of the yearly capacity.

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British navy involved in Nord Stream 2 'terrorist attack' – Russia

UK forces participated in an operation which damaged Europe's energy security, Moscow claims.

Units of the British Navy were involved in a "terrorist attack" , which destroyed the key Nord Stream gas pipelines, the Russian Defence Ministry alleged on Saturday.

Writing on its official Telegram channel, the ministry alleged that Royal Navy operatives “took part in planning, supporting and implementing” the plot to blow up the infrastructure in September. It did not provide any direct evidence to support its assertion.

The accusation follows a Russian Foreign Ministry claim that NATO conducted a military exercise during the summer, close to the location where the undersea explosions occurred.

The September incident put the pipelines, connecting Germany to Russia, out of commission. Western countries have blocked a transparent international investigation.

The Defence Ministry further alleged that the same UK operatives trained Ukrainians involved in a drone offensive in Crimea earlier on Saturday.

In late September, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted that this summer, NATO conducted military drills not far from Bornholm, which featured intensive use of “deep-sea equipment.’’

While the officials stopped short of naming the culprit, they were said to be “working under the assumption that Russia was behind the blasts.” Moscow has repeatedly denied that it had anything to do with the incident.

Meanwhile, Sky News has cited a UK defense official as saying Nord Stream 1 and 2 could have been damaged by a remotely detonated underwater explosive device. At the time, the broadcaster said the pipelines might have been breached by mines lowered to the seabed, or explosives dropped from a boat or planted by an undersea drone.


Britons warned food prices to rise again after Russia cancels UN-brokered grain deal

Vladimir Putin collapsed agreement after accusing Royal Navy of helping Ukraine carry out drone attack on its Black Sea Fleet

By Tony Diver, Whitehall Correspondent ; James Kilner and Jamie Johnson, US Correspondent 29 October 2022 • 8:35pm

UK food prices could rise even further after Vladimir Putin choked off the supply of grain from Ukraine

  • World's largest STEEL PLANTS shutting down in Germany