Russia's Landing Ships Are Headed To The Mediterranean To Join A Growing Armada

21 January 2022

The six Russian amphibious ships, a cruiser, and a destroyer are converging on the Mediterranean, where a U.S. carrier strike group is also sailing.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that six amphibious warfare ships that left the Baltic Sea this week are heading to the Mediterranean Sea, where they say these vessels will take part in naval exercises. From the Mediterranean, this amphibious flotilla could potentially swing north into the Black Sea.

There has already been significant discussion among experts and observers about whether this might [be the actual final destination of these ships, which would put them in a position to support a possible new large-scale Russian intervention into Ukraine.

Separately, a Russian Navy Vishnya class intelligence-gathering ship, the Vasiliy Tatishchev, was spotted passing through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean yesterday. Where that vessel is headed is unclear, but it is certainly plausible that its appearance is related in some way to these other Russian naval movements.


Russian Navy Vishnya class AGI VASILIY TATISHCHEV heading east through the Strait of Gibraltar - 20 Jan. Tweeted by GibDan1


Under Gibraltar law, under the Gibraltar Port Authority Act (Sec 6(4)) & the Port Act (Sec 5) we have today banned Russian vessels from using our Port. Full details in the letter from Minister


to Captain of the Port & the Press Release from


. #FreeUkraine