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Moscow prepares a show of force: "NATO will realize it has no air defense - Ukrainian Patriots will not see Kh-47M2 Kinzhal"

"Patriot system will be destroyed immediately"

The Russian nuclear-capable Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic surface-to-air missile proved to be highly effective and invulnerable to enemy air defenses during the special military operation in Ukraine.

This was stated by the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and First Deputy Minister of Defense V. Gerasimov speaking to foreign military followers.

Kinzhal was one of six Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018.

For the first time it was used in the special military operation in Ukraine.

"For the first time, ultrasonic weapons were used in combat conditions.

The Kinzhal airborne missile system proved to be highly effective and invulnerable to the reactions of Ukrainian air defenses, " the Russian military chief told TASS.

Russia's Insane New Hypersonic Stealth Missile: The KH-47M2 Kinzhal. @...

Destroyed Ukrainian Infrastructure

Gerasimov went on to reveal that Russian long-range missiles hit more than 1,300 critical Ukrainian facilities during the special military operation.

The army chief said the strikes "significantly reduced the combat potential of the Ukrainian armed forces, disrupted the command and control system of the troops, paralyzed the work of the military-industrial complex and significantly hindered military deliveries."

By Patriot

Kinzhal was specifically designed to overcome any known NATO air-missile defense systems, including the MIM-104 Patriot, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and Aegis.

Instead of using the latest supersonic glide and scramjet missile designs, it uses more classic ballistic missile technology with a supersonic speed of Mach 10-12.

Because it flies at supersonic speeds within the atmosphere, the air pressure in front of it forms a plasma cloud as it moves, absorbing radio waves.

Thus, the missile can achieve what is called "creature stealth".

The missile has a range of 2,000 kilometers when fired from MiG-31Ks and up to 3,000 kilometers when fired from Tu-22M3 bombers.

The Kinzhal's supersonic speed gives it better target penetration characteristics than lighter, slower ballistic and cruise missiles.

When armed with a 500 kg conventional warhead, the missile's impact can generate more than 16.9 gigajoules of kinetic energy, or the equivalent of 4,000 kg of TNT explosives.

The missile can also be armed with a 100–500 Kt nuclear warhead.

Despite its speed, the missile can achieve high accuracy thanks to an advanced GLONASS assisted inertial navigation system and an optical search system.

Gerasimov's remarks about Kinzhal were intended to warn Ukraine, which is set to receive Patriot artillery, from the United States and other NATO nations.

This is also Moscow's big bet: A quick destruction of the Patriot anti-aircraft system by the hypersonic Kh-47M2 Kinzhal will cause strong tremors in the West.

Several states including Poland, Romania, etc. will realize that they have no air defense against modern Russian weapon systems.

Yesterday, B. Putin stated that he is not worried. Russia is ready to neutralize any Patriot system given to Kyiv.

Russia Jet launching Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile

US moving bioweapons research out of Ukraine – Moscow

Unfinished projects are being relocated to Central Asian and Eastern European countries, according to the Russian military.

Washington has been moving its bioweapons research out of Ukraine, the head of Russia’s Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Troops has claimed. This comes after the research laboratories' existence was exposed under the Trump presidency.

“The Pentagon is actively working to transfer its unfinished research projects to the countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe,” Igor Kirillov insisted during a briefing on Saturday.

The US has also been boosting cooperation with Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Kenya and other nations in the Indo-Pacific and Africa, with “the US Department of Defense being most interested in countries that already possess laboratories with a high level of bioсontainment,” he added.

According to the commander, data on illegal, US-backed laboratories in Ukraine was presented at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons conference, which took place in Geneva between November 28 and December 16.

It included “documentary evidence that work with components of biological weapons and studies of pathogens of especially dangerous and economically significant infections had been carried out on the territory of Ukraine with financial, scientific, technical and personnel support of the US,” he noted.

Papers obtained by Russia during its military operation in Ukraine reveal that “military-biological programs” were run through the Mechnikov Anti-Plague Research Institute in Kiev, the Institute of Veterinary Medicine in Kharkov and the Lviv-based Research Institute of Epidemiology and Hygiene, Kirillov claimed.

The files also mentioned three Pentagon contractors and seven high-ranking officials of the US Department of Defense, he added.

The full text of a report by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) on its work in Ukraine, seen by the Russian military, contained data, “confirming the conduct of exercises and training activities with pathogens of especially dangerous infections” in Ukraine, Kirillov said. When the Pentagon released this report to the public, 80% of its content had been redacted, he pointed out.

According to the Russian commander, the head of the American delegation at the conference declined to respond to Russia’s accusations of violations of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) by his country.

“Such a stance by the US and its blocking of any initiatives to resume work on the verification mechanism of the CWC once again confirms that Washington has something to hide, and that ensuring transparency in terms of compliance with the convention doesn’t play into the hands of the Americans,” he said.

However, the report by Russia didn’t go unnoticed by other countries and “made many member-states reflect on the risks posed by cooperation with Washington in the military-biological area,” Kirillov stressed.

The Russian military has been gradually releasing materials on the work of the US-backed biolabs in Ukraine since March. Washington has denied Mocsow’s bioweapons claims, calling them disinformation and a conspiracy theory used by Russia to justify its military operation.

Absurdity, propaganda, a plan or maybe a little bit of each?

Dmitry Medvedev is a Russian politician who previously served as Prime Minister and President of Russia.


Guest Post by Dimitry Medvedev

On the New Year’s Eve, everybody’s into making predictions

Many come up with futuristic hypotheses, as if competing to single out the wildest, and even the most absurd ones.

Here’s our humble contribution.

What can happen in 2023:

  1. Oil price will rise to $150 a barrel, and gas price will top $5.000 per 1.000 cubic meters

  2. The UK will rejoin the EU

  3. The EU will collapse after the UK’s return; Euro will drop out of use as the former EU currency

  4. Poland and Hungary will occupy western regions of the formerly existing Ukraine

  5. The Fourth Reich will be created, encompassing the territory of Germany and its satellites, i.e., Poland, the Baltic states, Czechia, Slovakia, the Kiev Republic, and other outcasts

  6. War will break out between France and the Fourth Reich. Europe will be divided, Poland repartitioned in the process

  7. Northern Ireland will separate from the UK and join the Republic of Ireland

  8. Civil war will break out in the US, California. and Texas becoming independent states as a result. Texas and Mexico will form an allied state. Elon Musk’ll win the presidential election in a number of states which, after the new Civil War’s end, will have been given to the GOP

  9. All the largest stock markets and financial activity will leave the US and Europe and move to Asia

  10. The Bretton Woods system of monetary management will collapse, leading to the IMF and World Bank crash. Euro and Dollar will stop circulating as the global reserve currencies. Digital fiat currencies will be actively used instead

Season greetings to you all, Anglo-Saxon friends, and their happily oinking piglets!

Putin bans Russian oil exports to countries that implement price cap

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday delivered Russia's long-awaited response to a Western price cap, signing a decree that bans the supply of crude oil and oil products from Feb. 1 for five months to nations that abide by the cap.

The Group of Seven major powers, the European Union and Australia agreed this month to a $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian seaborne crude oil effective from Dec. 5 over Moscow's "special military operation" in Ukraine.

The cap is close to the current price for Russian oil, but well beneath the windfall price Russia was able to sell for this year and that helped offset the impact of financial sanctions on Moscow.

Russia is the world's second largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia, and a major disruption to its sales would have far reaching consequences for global energy supplies.

The decree, published on a government portal and the Kremlin website, was presented as a direct response to "actions that are unfriendly and contradictory to international law by the United States and foreign states and international organisations joining them".

"Deliveries of Russian oil and oil products to foreign entities and individuals are banned, on the condition that in the contracts for these supplies, the use of a maximum price fixing mechanism is directly or indirectly envisaged," the decree stated, referring specifically to the United States and other foreign states that have imposed the price cap.

"The established ban applies to all stages of supply up to the end buyer."

The decree, which includes a clause that allows for Putin to overrule the ban in special cases, stated: "This...comes into force on Feb. 1, 2023, and applies until July 1, 2023."

Crude oil exports will be banned from Feb. 1, but the date for the oil products ban will be determined by the Russian government and could be after Feb. 1.


The price cap, unseen even in the times of the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union, is aimed at crippling Russian state coffers and Moscow's military efforts in Ukraine.

Some analysts have said that the cap will have little immediate impact on the oil revenues that Moscow is currently earning.

However, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Tuesday that Russia's budget deficit could be wider than the planned 2% of GDP in 2023, with the oil price cap squeezing export income, an extra fiscal hurdle for Moscow as it spends heavily on its military campaign in Ukraine.

Russia has been promising to respond officially for weeks, and the eventual decree largely established what officials had already said publicly.

The G7 price cap allows non-EU countries to continue importing seaborne Russian crude oil, but it will prohibit shipping, insurance and re-insurance companies from handling cargoes of Russian crude around the globe, unless it is being sold for less than the price cap.

EU countries have separately implemented an embargo that prohibits them from purchasing seaborne Russian oil.

Russian Urals oil traded above $56 per barrel on Tuesday, below the price cap level.

Brent crude oil moved a little higher on the news and was up 1.4% at $85.1 by 1743 GMT.

Russia releases their Gorshikov Frigate

Russia War Live: Putin Shows Off New 'Felon' Fighter Jets As Ukraine Steps Up Counter Attack

Putin Shows Off New 'Felon' Fighter Jets As Ukraine Steps Up Counter Attack

Dynamics of special op are positive, everything is going according to plan — Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin positively assessed the dynamics of the special military operation. In an interview with the Rossiya-1 TV channel for the program ‘Moscow. Kremlin. Putin’, the head of state expressed the hope that Russian fighters would once again please everyone with the results of their work.

"The dynamics are positive. Everything is developing within the plan of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff. And I hope that our fighters will please us more than once again with the results of their combat work," Putin said, answering questions from journalist Pavel Zarubin.

Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov on Friday said Russian troops had liberated Soledar in the evening of January 12. He said full control over Soledar made it possible to sever supply routes of Ukrainian forces in Artyomovsk, known in Ukraine as Bakhmut, which is located to the southwest, then surround Ukrainian forces in that town.

Russia will destroy any weapons West supplies to Kiev — Russian ambassador to US

Anatoly Antonov stressed that "pumping Ukraine with weapons, whether by the US or other NATO countries, will only lead to an increase in casualties among the civilian population, will create additional difficulties in the former Soviet republic"

The Russian army will destroy any weapons that Western countries send to Ukrainian troops, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday.

When asked to comment on the statements of the US State Department spokesman Ned Price about the possibility for the Kiev security forces to attack Crimea with American weapons, he replied: “It should be clear for everyone – we will destroy any weapons supplied to the Zelensky's regime by either the United States or NATO. That is true now as it was true during the Great Patriotic War. The emergence of tanks, bearing Nazi insignia, on the former Soviet soil unequivocally makes us aim at toppling the neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine and creating normal conditions so that the neighboring peoples in the region could live peacefully like in the old days,” Antonov said as quoted by the press service of the embassy.

He stressed that “pumping up Ukraine with materiel from the US or other NATO countries will only lead to an increase in civilian casualties and create additional difficulties in the former Soviet republic.”

“Ponder over the theses of [President of Russia] Vladimir Putin. It is just impossible to defeat the Russian Federation. Victory will be ours,” Antonov concluded.

U.S. intelligence official Rebekah Koffler told Fox News Digital she believes that Putin is preparing for "massive escalation."

"These are preparations for a large-scale war that could entangle the United States," Koffler said. "That’s what Putin is preparing for."

This is a firm path to escalation," Koffler said.

Russia installs air-defense systems in Moscow, as US focus remains on 'supporting Ukraine'

Russia has installed an air-defense system atop its Defense Military headquarters in Moscow.

Russia Deploys S-300 Within 50 Miles of LATVIA

The Russian Army has deployed S-300 air defense missiles to within 50 miles of the border with LATVIA.

In the image below, a truck carrying S-300 interceptor missiles is seen driving on a road toward LATVIA.


Behind it is the Radar and Fire Control truck:


Behind that are two additional trucks carrying S-300 missiles:


The final deployment location is not yet known (by me) but intel sources tell me that the final location is "beyond artillery range. It would take a missile strike to take them out-- and the S-300 can detect and shoot down most missiles."

The map below better shows the location where these trucks were caught on camera:

Why Russia is deploying air defense missiles near the LATIVA border is an interesting question. From the look of it, Russia seems to be actively preparing for an attack BY NATO, and as such, they are preparing vast and varied defenses to defend Russian territory anywhere NATO might strike.

Putin to Launch Unstoppable Hypersonic Zircon Missile During Upcoming War Games with China and South Africa

In November 2021 Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his country would soon have a hypersonic missile to add to its arsenal.

The Russian leader added that the latest Zircon hypersonic missiles will enter official use in 2022.

Russia test-fired a Hypersonic Zircon missile around that time over the White Sea hitting a target 400 kilometers away.

In February 2022 Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in a pre-planned strategic deterrence forces training. The purpose of the exercises was to check the readiness of military command and control bodies, launch combat crews, crews of warships and strategic missile carriers to carry out assigned tasks, as well as the reliability of the weapons.

According to reports, Hypersonic missiles, ICBMs, and nuclear submarines were involved in the exercises.

This week Putin announced he is set to unleash ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic Zircon missiles during upcoming war games with China and South Africa in the coming weeks.

The Daily Mail reported:

Vladimir Putin is set to unleash ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic Zircon missiles during his upcoming war games with China and South Africa.

The new Mach 9 nuclear-capable Zircon missiles, which travel at speeds of nearly 7,000mph, will be fired from the Russian warship Admiral Gorshkov during naval exercises off the coast of South Africa.

The ‘training launch’ of the missile, one of the world’s deadliest weapons, will be aimed at a ‘surface target’ at a distance of more than 310 miles.

The upcoming launch of the deadly missiles comes after the Admiral Gorshkov conducted an ‘electronic’ launch at an ‘enemy surface target’ as it sailed in the western Atlantic off the coast of United States last week.

The Zircon missiles will also now be fired from the Russian frigate during naval drills between Russia, China and South Africa in the Indian Ocean.

The three nations will engage in the war games from February 17 to 27 off South Africa’s east coast near the cities of Durban and Richards Bay.