Russian Navy Ships Transiting Mediterranean Sea


And the impending arrival of the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov, armed with hypersonic missiles, into the Mediterranean after completion of exercises in Africa could further aggravate an already “complex and turbulent” situation, Italy’s top naval officer Enrico Credendino said in the Ansa report.

Russian fleet rise risks incidents in Med - navy chief

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 23 - Italy's navy chief said Thursday that a recent rise in the number of Russian ships in the Mediterranean risked causing incidents in the area.

"The immediate effects on our security of the war in Ukraine have once again reverberated on the sea and are the impressive increase in the numbers of the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea to a level not even seen in the days of the Cold War," said Navy Chief of Staff, Enrico Credendino, during a hearing at the House Defence Committee.

The U.S. and its allies launched large-scale naval drills Monday in the Mediterranean Sea, where Russian warships have been transiting in increasingly high numbers.

The Dynamic Manta drill, which brings together ships, submarines and aircraft, is being held off the Sicilian coast, NATO’s Maritime Command said in a statement.

Anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare tactics are the focus of the exercise, which involves units rehearsing how to hunt down and evade enemy forces.

The influx, linked to the war in Ukraine, has raised added concerns about potential military miscalculations.