Russian hacker finds real time database vaccine information [FAKE]

Someone on FB just posted this and when I pointed out what I think about it he didn't believe me. I'm quite knowledgeable in computers and instantly recognized what he's doing in the video.

At first he is using the very commonly used tool ffmpeg which is used to convert media files. It spits out a lot of verbose data that looks very much like "hacking".

Then he's connecting to another computer using the ssh tool where he's running a little script that shows something that he himself has prepared before hand, a text file. That's it.

So it's complete nonsense. I can replicate (and have) this video in 5 minutes and even make it look more like hacking. The real question is; where did it originate and what is the reason for it. Is it just someone trolling or is it disinformation to cause discord?.


Ah, now I see it, it says Apr 1 in the date.


Thank-you for bringing attention to these types of things. There are lots of fake images and fake-news making clarity that much more difficult.

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You're welcome. I'm curious, does the video seem convincing in your eyes? (if you disregard the Apr 1)

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The actual print on the videoed files is small and hard to read, so, the information is gathered by what the man is verbally presenting to his audience. Other than that, it is very convincing and can easily mislead.

Oh, didn't realize this copy has such bad quality, the one I viewed was slightly better and I could read what it said.

Here's a better copy:-