What president Joe Biden and Congress are doing to the American people is treasonous; busy trying to send another $95 billion dollars to Ukraine and Israel.

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Russian soldiers replacing the flag on an administration building in Avdeyevka. Liberating Avdeyevka allows Russian forces to push further to the west, driving back the Kiev regime forces and preventing them from launching further attacks against Russian towns and cities.

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'Russia More Powerful': NATO Nation Praises Putin's Army; Alarms About Big...

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Russian armed forces completely liberate coke plant in Avdeyevka — Defense Ministry

According to the ministry, units of the Ukrainian armed forces continue to retreat

MOSCOW, February 19. /TASS/. The Russian military has completely liberated the Avdeyevka coke and chemical plant, and Russian flags have been hoisted on the buildings of the enterprise, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

"Developing the offensive the Battlegroup Center took full control of the coke plant in the Avdeyevka direction. Russian flags were hoisted on the administrative buildings of the plant," the statement says.

According to the ministry, units of the Ukrainian armed forces continue to retreat. The Russian armed forces hit enemy fortified areas and inflict fire damage with artillery and aviation.

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The winter offensive of the Russian army has already brought a great victory – control over one of the largest Ukrainian strongholds in Donbass, the industrial city of Avdiivka. Kiev admitted its defeat.

he order to retreat from the city was not an attempt to save lives of Ukrainian servicemen but rather a bureaucratic fiction. In fact, Ukrainian units have been abandoning their positions, fleeing en masse from the city for several days.

Having lost control of the situation, the Ukrainian command was unable to organize a safe retreat from the almost surrounded city. This was likely the first time such a chaotic and panicked escape happened from a heavily fortified stronghold of the Ukrainian army.

On the morning of February 19, the Russian Ministry of Defense officially confirmed the completion of the mop up operation at the Coke Plant, where the fighters of the former Azov National Battalion were hiding. As of today, there are no Ukrainian military personnel left on the territory of the enterprise. Russian engineering units are starting to demine the city which is covered with the corpses of dead Ukrainian servicemen.

The loss of Avdiivka has jeopardized the Ukrainian defense in the entire Donetsk direction, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces lack sufficiently fortified positions on new lines of defense. Ukrainian military resources are sounding the alarm. The new commander-in-chief, fearing a collapse of the front, is reportedly hastily transferring reserves to the area, including units that are defending the capital Kiev.

However, this does not stop the Russian advance. Battles have already reached Lastochkino. The village is already in the gray zone, and according to preliminary reports, the Russians are close to taking full control over it.

Ukrainian units continue to retreat to the west, where they are hastily equipping a new line of defense in Orlovka.

Amid the victory in Avdiivka, Russian troops continue offensive operations on all fronts, destroying Ukrainian reserves with precision strikes in the rear areas. As a result, the Ukrainian command is forced to stretch its forces along the frontlines. It cannot concentrate a large group of forces in some areas without knowing the direction of a new Russian main attack.

On the second day of the offensive on the Zaporozhye front, the Russian military had already launched an assault on Rabotino from the southern and western outskirts, having previously expanded the control zone around the village.

In the area of Artemovsk, Russian aviation and artillery are pounding Chasov Yar, preparing for an assault. Fighting is already underway in the partially surrounded Ivanovo.

In the south Donetsk direction, Russian forces are advancing in Novomikhailovka, while on the northern fronts of Donbass, the Russians approach the important Ukrainian stronghold in Terny.

Thus, any maneuver by Ukrainian reserves can lead to a Russian breakthrough in any direction.

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Ukrainian Military Facing New Threat In Rear


Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Shoigu reported to Putin on the progress of the military operation to capture the city of Avdeevka during a special Russian military operation in Ukraine.


In the area of the Sea of Azov, a Russian aircraft A-50 was shot down: the first details

On Friday, February 23, a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft was shot down near the Sea of Azov.

This was reported by Ukrainian public media. A video of the alleged downing of the plane was also posted online.

In the video, a woman behind the scenes names the location of the crash as Trudovaya Armenia, a village in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation. The Russian woman says that the helicopter allegedly crashed, there was a big explosion, and "it's burning very badly." The footage shows a fire near a building.

The network also showed the alleged crash site of the enemy aircraft in the Krasnodar Territory.