ROCK THE NATION – A Call to Action

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Dear brothers and sisters,

What a glorious time to be alive (again) – The Lord has returned.

And with Him, we battle the forces of evil; we help guide others to Him; and we serve Him.

The Lord’s decree to Charles The Pretender should rock the British establishment. It should rock all the British-Israelite nations. And it should rock anyone claiming to know and love Him to the core.

But it can’t, if they don’t know about it.

Please be very diligent about sending the message to many others.

Go beyond social platforms – enter forums; leave a comment on relevant posts in mainstream and alternative media; email editors of your favorite go-to sites; contact journalists who write about the United Kingdom.

Please help deliver The Lord’s Message.

He writes it, we deliver.

Send the message to so-called pastors, ministers, or church organizations, in your region, whether that be city, state, or country. Send a message to attorneys; and high-ranking officials. Contact individuals in countries under The Crown’s authority. The sky’s the limit.

And depending on whom you’re writing, you can personalize the message. Take care, avoid “spamming”; take your time. Possibly, take time to write a certain number of people a day; or spend half an hour a day disseminating the news.

In your message, you might include this as an example:

Charles Battenberg/Windsor has been summonsed to appear before King Christ in Gibraltar. For details, please see:



{Notice (dot) needs replacing with a period/full-stop, as the (dot) was used so that DG wouldn't call up an image box}

Also, please find your Way to Christ by digesting this little book –The Way home or face The Fire at

On a side note:

Remember too, every post on Gibraltar Messenger is an opportunity to share a new and different link with others, whether it is about war, current events, or simply a humble letter written by a brother or sister. Help Gibraltar Messenger become a go-to site for news, prophecy, and real guidance.

Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will do.

Psalm 96:3 Declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all people.


We hope everyone is enjoying spreading the important news to rock the nations.

:fish: Possible Uncharted Seas :tropical_fish::

:fishing_pole_and_fish: REDDIT GROUPS -


reddit groups

:fishing_pole_and_fish: TELEGRAM GROUPS

telegram groups

:fishing_pole_and_fish: GAB GROUPS

:fishing_pole_and_fish: USA.LIFE

Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing/ Searches:

• Christ is King

• Jesus is King

• No King But Jesus

• Lord of lords and King of kings

• Second Coming of Christ

• End Times

US Members of Congress: Religious Affiliations and 88% of the 117th Congress Identifies as Christian

Christians in UK Parliament

• and more.

The list that they call up takes time to go through to see if individuals or groups provide ways to contact them about their claims. And if so, they should be interested to know that King Christ has summonsed Charles. Depending on their message, a personal kind message could be written them.

Remember to take your time and avoid spamming.

Thank you.


We hope everyone is doing well; and enjoying reaching out to people (dropping fishing lines :fish:)

Here are some more ideas if you feel inspired or are interested:

1 - The Liberty Beacon TLBTalk –

2 - Natural News – FreeTalk

3 - Comments on videos, all platforms if allowed and able.

Search things like "Christ is King of kings and Lord of lords" - filtered this month -

Possible 1 comment
"Christ is King and He is Here and Wants His British Throne" -

See this song - Bryan & Katie Torwalt – The Christ The King (Official Live Video) - YouTube. Comments open :slight_smile:

and this Hymn to Christ the King by Sarah Hart - YouTube

Different links can be shared from GM.

or search King Charles III -

Possible 1 comment:
King Christ has summonsed Charles The Pretender to Gibraltar -

4 - And there are lots of Christain sites ie - Ministry - We Love God!

5 - And other writers, like John and Nisha Whitehead, whose article was featured here - Yes, Jesus Would Have Been Branded a Domestic Extremist - The New American. :slight_smile: Christ is considered a Whistleblower today.

6 - Got twitter? Search things like "Christ is King" - reply to individuals with a personal message about their tweet.

The seas are full of fish; and many different fishing methods.

Again, take your time, avoid spamming.

Thank you.