RFK Jr. Exposes Event 201 – The Evil Scamdemic Plot


In this short video, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gives his insight into Event 201, the pandemic simulation exercise held in NYC in Oct 2019, prior to the virus being known of in Jan. 2020.

It was hosted by Bill Gates and Avril Haines, the former deputy director of the CIA, who did the Gitmo cover-up.

And who else is there? George Gao, head of Chinese CDC, who obviously knows the Corona virus is circulating, because it was circulating in Wuhan in Sept. 2019.

All the social media platforms were there. They had big insurance companies and big pharma companies there – and they met for two days with four seminars.

They were working on ways to use the corona-virus as a pretence for clamping down totalitarian controls globally.

Kennedy started doing a deep-dive while writing his book; and found out that Event 201 was not a one-off; but he found about 20 simulations that they’ve been doing since 2001. He said they are all scripted by the CIA. All of them include top-level officials. Collectively, they are called Operation Lockstep.

They involve 100s of 1000s of people – from public officials from little towns, police, fire-fighters, hospital systems, public utilities all over the world. They drilled people into doing something that was clearly contrary to their values.

And the first thing they do is end freedom of speech.


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