Researchers Call For IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL of COVID Vaccines For Use in Pregnancy, Those Breastfeeding, Those Of Childbearing Age and Children


After re-analyzing a study performed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researchers, a peer-reviewed study has called for the “immediate withdrawal of mRNA COVID vaccines for pregnant women, those breastfeeding, those of childbearing age and children after their shocking study reveals stunning results of pregnant mRNA vaccinated women: 92% of the women had a spontaneous miscarriage in the first 13 weeks…while 81.9% of women who received the mRNA COVID vaccine had a spontaneous miscarriage in the first 20 weeks.

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Whistleblower Reveals Many Pregnancy Complications following Experimental COVID Injections – “Vaccine Leaving a Trail of Devastated Mothers”

Fertility warning: Spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines

Pandemic Babies Are Different

57 Top Scientists And Doctors Release Shocking Study On COVID Vaccines And Demand Immediate Stop to ALL Vaccinations


She said doctors who told the truth about the vaccines to women who were pregnant or trying to get pregant were “punished financially.”

Those doctors who propagated the lie that the vaccines were “safe and effective” for pregnant women were financially rewarded.


MUST WATCH VIDEO: The verdict is in — no one can claim to be ‘pro life’ while continuing to support mRNA injections

Dr. Naomi Wolf: ‘We’ve brought the receipts …These are absolute criminals’

It really is unbelievable that we still need to have this discussion in August 2023, and yet, so many Christians and even well-known Christian leaders have refused to repent for their support of the deadly genetic vaccines.

And there are some pretty big names out there who need to repent. Franklin Graham. Robert Jeffress. Pope Francis. They and many others have claimed to be “pro life” while pushing the death shots.

And it’s not just the Covid shots. Many other vaccines, including the RSV shot and some of the flu shots, are now being converted over to the synthetic modified mRNA technology that has been killing people of all ages since being introduced to the public in January 2021.

Among the most vulnerable to these shots are babies in the womb.

Despite the Mountain of Evidence proving Serious Harm, UKHSA encourages Pregnant Women to get the Latest COVID Injection


Last year, Professor Norman Fenton exposed how the UK government, its advisors and the NHS were lying about the safety of covid injections for pregnant and breastfeeding women. He also exposed the statistical illusions at play when comparing pregnancy outcomes of vaccinated against unvaccinated women.

UK Health Security Agency’s dangerous promotion of mRNA shots for pregnant women

By Sonia Elijah

For quite some time, I have written numerous investigative reports on how global health authorities like the UK Health Security Agency and the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, have been actively pushing mRNA injections onto pregnant women, with no substantiated independent evidence to back up their claims that they are “safe and effective.”

In fact, I have found the exact opposite by digging through a trove of Freedom of Information Act released documents showing devastating harms to the unborn, buried in the post-authorisation marketing data, which I have reported on, including the major red flags from the animal studies conducted back in 2020!

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COVID Vaccine mRNA Can 'Spread Systemically' To Placenta And Infants Of Women Vaccinated During Pregnancy

A new report suggests vaccine mRNA does not remain at the injection site following vaccination but can “spread systemically” to the placenta and umbilical cord blood of infants whose mothers are vaccinated during pregnancy.