Regional government of Andalucia advocates for special tax status for Campo de Gibraltar as part of a Treaty

The regional government of Andalucia is advocating for a special tax status for the Campo de Gibraltar as part of a Treaty.

This is one of the requests which the Junta put forward to the Spanish government during yesterday’s meeting with the Foreign Minister.

For his part, the Mayor of La Linea says that following his meeting yesterday, he is pleased to say that the Spanish foreign Minister is very aware of the issues affecting his city.

The Special Tax status would be one like that held by the Spanish islands, and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

Representing the regional government at yesterday’s meeting in Madrid, Antonio Sanz says this would help the Campobecome more competitive in respect of Gibraltar, citing Gibraltar’s 10 per cent corporate tax against Spain’s 25.

For his part, the mayor of La Linea, says he is pleased with yesterday’s meeting in Madrid.

Juan Franco says the Foreign Minister was very familiar with the issues affecting La Linea - , among them, the problems faced by cross frontier workers, their pensions, the use of the airport and the uncertainty over the Spanish customs post and its workers.

The Mayor of La Linea says he remains optimistic that an agreement will be reached.

On Monday, the Spanish Foreign Minister briefed a delegation from the Campo on the ongoing negotiations.