REFLECTIONS: The Campaign to Recognize Christ

Gibraltar Messenger posted Tony's Reflections about his vigil at St. Michael's Cave – Reflections from Tony Farrell about his “Royal-Decree” Vigil on The Rock

Perhaps, you would like to add some positive words of your own; either about the campaign, its message, addressing Tony, or the situation.

Let's begin by thanking Father, The Lord, Tony, and all those who wrote letters and articles.

Let this "Thank You" serve as the universal "THANK YOU", because this thread is also about adding your personal commentary; and the goal isn't to have a long thread of "thank yous" and "you're welcomes" replies without our own reflections.

There's a challenge with this thread:

1 – Please write personal commentary only. Sharing your own thoughts. Meaning this is really PERSONAL - no need to add links to anything really, unless very appropriate.
2 – Discussion is encouraged.
3 – Questions are fine.
4 – Stay positive
5 – Yes, you can begin with a thank you to start YOUR reflective commentary.

My own reflection:

Thank you one and all.

The campaign for me has always been about raising awareness that Christ is here in His Second Coming and that Gibraltar is The Rock of Defence. It was about letting the world know the Significance of Gibraltar - like a lighthouse – similar to Tony saying "sign-post". It was about educating the world that The Day is now. And it didn't matter if Charles chose to do the right thing – The Right Thing – God's Will – will be done.


Yes to a Thank-You to Father and The Lord and to Tony and all those who contribute/d in their own special way.

Personally, it is and was about doing Father's Will (for me). In doing so, that is the best I can do. Thank-you.



Thank you everyone for supporting Christ in his second coming (JAH).


It fills me with deep gratitude to have been a witness to this earth-shattering event, of which most of the world has once again taken no notice.
The weeks since December 2022 have been as exciting for me as they were before November 5, 2012.
Just wonderful how we have been kept up to date by our live reporter Tony Farrell!


It has been very interesting thus far and, like Ayesa, it fills me with gratitude to have been given the opportunity to witness this earth-shattering event, which is far from over.

The best IS yet to come. :slight_smile:

P.S. Thank-you Tony for the live reports and for all of your efforts. Likewise to everyone else involved and/or in supporting roles.


Thank you one and all too.

I'm not suprised by the no show and I'm sure most of us are not either really... That being said it was a right and compassionate thing to offer, another gentle use of Force. LLTK. LLTF.


3:22 You have to fight for G(o)od, against evil, to pass tests, and to PROVE to God that you have
genuinely changed sides, and can be trusted. Fighting with Satan, against God, is what got you sent
here, so the ONLY way you can PROVE to God, “beyond any shadow of a doubt”, that you have
GENUINELY changed sides and want to be good, is by fighting, here and now, for God (good),
against the Devil (evil).

3:23 Look for fights, the bigger the better. The bigger the fight, the more points you can earn towards
your remission. Look for fights that need fighting, for the benefit of everyone, not just for your own
selfish reasons.

3:24 Even if you do not look for fights, they will come to you. There is so much injustice in this
world, that you are bound to come up against it, and when you do, that will be your fight. It will then
be up to you, as to whether you decide to fight, for good (God) against injustice (evil-Devil), and, by
winning, help to make the world a better place, for yourself and everyone to live in, or to surrender
to, and suffer from the injustice, thereby allowing it to continue and grow, making the world even
more evil and unjust, for yourself, and everyone else to have to live in, and suffer from. All that is
necessary for evil to triumph, is, for those who want to be good, to do nothing to stop it.


Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of My Knowledge:


Yes, thanks everyone who wrote David Steel, Charles-The-Pretender, and others ie those Canterbury false-prophets – joining the fight like @adam brings up :slight_smile:. We all showed our support for Christ in His Second Coming. Thank you to all who shared these on social media, drawing attention to this wonderful Good News - Christ is Here.

Tilling the ground, planting seeds – This campaign brought us all together from the four-corners of the earth on a united mission:

Prepare Ye The Way of the Lord.

Mark 1:3 The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye The Way of the Lord, make His paths straight.



Praise be to Father and The Lord for the opportunity to join the fight.

Thanks to all those who wrote letters showing your support for Christ.

It's important to fight for The Kingdom and Justice For All. For me, it keeps my spirits high. It keeps me focused. I learn. I laugh. And ever once in awhile, I transcend to a higher plane of understanding.

It is an honour to serve The Lord.


It was heartening to see all the letters coming in from all corners of the earth in support of The Lord in His second coming.

The fact that David Steel (The Governor of Gibraltar) made an appearance was interesting too; the question that begs to be asked is did he go up on his own accord or was he directed to go and see by Windsor castle occupants? Time will tell.

The nice thing is that we all know Who wins in the end and that is the best encouragement to continue assisting The Lord, in the little Ways, where we can - of course.



Thank-you for all the loving support shown Christ for He is the only One worthy to be KING! Especially grateful to be allowed here taking part in this earth-shaking event. Absolutely it's an honor to be allowed to serve The Lord.

Psalm 2

2:1 Why do the unenlightened rage, and the people imagine a futile thing?
2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the "I AM", and against His Anointed, (2 Esd. 13:34) [saying],
2:3 Let us break Their bonds asunder, and cast away Their cords from us.
2:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall make fools of them.
2:5 Then shall He speak unto them in His wrath, and terrify them in His fury.
2:6 Yet have I set My King (to govern - Isa. 9:6-7) upon My Holy Hill of Gathering (Isa. 33:16; 2 Esd. 13:35).
2:7 I will declare the decree: the "I AM" hath said unto me, Thou [art] My Son; this day have I created for thee.
2:8 Ask of Me, and I shall give [thee] the unenlightened [for] thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth [for] thy possession.
2:9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel (Rev. 12:5).
2:10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.
2:11 Serve the "I AM" with fear, and rejoice with trembling.
2:12 Kiss My Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish [from] The Way, when his wrath is kindled just a little (Luke 19:27). Blessed [are] all they that put their trust in him.

Praise Father for sending His Son.


Thank You Lord for allowing me to continue, for picking me up when I was down, for Your long-suffering, Your committment, Your Way, even when the light cant be seen. Thank You for The Truth, Your help, and my favorite, the truth about the Stone of Destiny, and the Ark of Covenants' journey to the Isle of Destiny, the Hill of Tara, and, Your Destiny, and thank You for all You do - forever. LLTK.
Thank You for the reservation.
You are Light, Bright & Loved.