The aftermath of frontier chaos, the latter perpetrated by the Spanish to tighten the screws on us in the vain attempt a majority capitulates, though uncomfortable, has served to unmask a few home truths…

The first, that the GSLP/Libs are the only ones with the balls to act, pay homage to our nation’s dignity. The second that the remaining two parties are hypocrites of the highest order, and the third, that these elections are truly and absolutely about survival.

The threat of reciprocity, as demonstrated by our CM, has not been an idle one. When the time warranted this reciprocity, it has happened. Many on social media have been commenting it should have been done way before but, in a game where the stakes are high and the players are 2 Goliaths and one little David, the slinging of a rock must be a studied move.

One thing is for the government to show goodwill with a view to clinch a treaty beneficial to all parties, quite another to keep turning the cheek until one is knocked to the ground. So yes, recent bully manoeuvres by our neighbour in the ‘goodwill’ treaty context, has been the straw to break the camel’s back. Whilst patience is a virtue, too much of it can be interpreted as a clear sign of weakness.

And it is not a time to appear weak, like some would like, but resolute in our determination to stand up to the bully.

Predictably, the Andorran solution blue and yellows and the daughter of the manufacturer of the treacherous Brussels agreement, instead of standing behind the elected government, have done quite the opposite.

I was eagerly awaiting Marlene’s stance on reciprocity, anticipating she would condemn the government’s move and, hey presto! Of course she would, I have said it many times before, the fact she has never condemned the Brussels treachery pointed to her unequivocal in-cahoots with the enemy. No, Mrs Nahon, the chaos at the frontier was not fruit of ‘a bizarre circus act of national-populism’ nor can it be labelled reckless given the historic rally of bullying! I guess for one who applauds the selling out of Gibraltar (Brussels), reciprocity is the poisoned apple in her dream of shared prosperity a la Brussels.

Self-sabotage? Does she purport Llanitos take whatever Spain throws at us? Not retaliate an iota, when there is ample justification for the latter AND EVERY LLANITO KNOWS THIS! Reality check, if we did this, acted like we thought we had no leverage, we might as well not negotiate any point in the treaty but simply agree to whatever… yellow /red flag atop our rock with our monkeys swinging to flamenco a la Pantoja. Talking about self-sabotage.

And no Marlene! The silent population (historically referred to as Palomos) do not outnumber a majority ready to sacrifice for our rock, your father was wrong and so are you. But thank you for at last showing us your plumage.

And then there is Keith - also blaming the government for the chaos at the frontier. Sometimes I think Mr Azopardi was raised and has lived in a parallel dimension; where Spain is the nice guy and Gibraltar the revengeful bully. Or, one where he soon sees himself master and architect of our destiny with a treaty negotiated at a mere flick of his magic wand to manifest that silky fluidity he and his yellow and blue pals have so eagerly yearned since the Andorran solution fiasco. Of course he condemns the government for not delivering what they so desperately want, of course he says his party will seek to deliver it. Problem is that the majority of Llanitos don’t dig his kinda magic - a sprinkle of yellow/blue dust which fast tracks the treaty a la Andorra.

Who is going to believe his feigned amor propio for Gib, his feigned indignation at the tax treaty (playing the game as preamble to the Gibexit treaty and can be dissolved) when his party notoriously suggested two flags atop of our rock, cherry picking Cordoba etc. He criticises the government for spelling out the reality; that more than four years is unachievable, but of course he would, because, as a yellow and blue little birdie told me, Spanish boots on the ground would be palatable.

The alliance under our CM has not failed us like he so foolishly suggests, the treaty has not seen light of day because the Alliance’s dawn remains basked in red and white.

The GSD’s and Marlene’s condemnation of reciprocity, their audacity to place the brunt of blame on our government and not Spain, leaves no room for doubt, both are a threat to Gibraltar’s integrity.