Rare Jupiter, Venus and crescent moon 'conjunction' visible

Rare Jupiter, Venus and crescent moon 'conjunction' visible over Somerset

The two brightest planets appeared to flank the crescent moon which shone brightly against the evening sky. Jupiter is visible above the moon and Venus - the third brightest celestial object in the night sky - below it. As February progresses, the planets are moving closer together.

The two planets reach their apparent closest point at the start of March where, with the naked eye, they will appear to form one large, bright point of light in the evening sky, according to the UK Space Agency.

The 'conjunction' was seen in Somerset, Wales and across the world with hundreds of people taking to social media to share their pictures.

Luis Edward Diani captured them in the night sky over :gibraltar: Gibraltar: 19:55 Wednesday 22nd February 2023


Somerset is in South West Wales. Glastonbury is located in Somerset. One of the most important abbeys in England, it was the site of Edmund Ironside's coronation as King of England in 1016. He was king of the English from 23 April to 30 November 1016.

Glastonbury - Summerland – Official historical records, both domestic and foreign, including at least four official Vatican documents*, confirm that Joseph of Arimathaea fled the Holy Land with Mary the mother of Jesus and others; came to England; settled and was eventually buried, along with Virgin Mary, in Glastonbury after the Crucifixion of Jesus the Nazarite (Num. 6), during the vicious persecution of the first followers of The New Way - Christ.

In the abbey grounds at Glastonbury, there is a section of the ruins confusingly called, variously: Mary’s Chapel; Lady’s Chapel; Joseph’s Chapel and also known as the "Vetusta Ecclesia"; the "Lignea Basilica"; the "Ealdechurche" or "Old Church" and "Domus Dei" (Home of God). It is here that both Mary the mother of Jesus and her uncle Joseph de Marmore from Arimathaea were buried inside a wattle and daub building, reputed to have been built by Jesus.


Quatrain 1,56
Sooner and later you will see silent great change,
dreadful horrors and vengeances.
For as the (Crescent) moon is thus led by its angel* (Revelation/Apocalypse 9:14)
The heavens draw near to The Balance (Judgement Day).

Quatrain 1,62
Alas! what a great loss there will be to learning (God's Wisdom),
Before the cycle of the Moon (Teia Tephi) is completed:
Fire, great floods, by ever more IGNORANT rulers;
How long the centuries until it (God's Wisdom) is seen to be restored.

Quatrain 1,84
The moon (Teia Tephi) is obscured in deep darkness,
Her (spiritual) brother becomes ferrugine in colour.
The great one (Tephi) hidden for a long time in the shadows (her tomb at Tara)
Will hold the blade in the bloody wound (of time).

Quatrain 4,28
When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
Under the splendour will be a hidden form:
Mercury (Messenger - Elijah - Malachi 4, Old Testament - last page) will have exposed them to the "fire" (Matthew 3:11),
Through warlike noise he (Elijah) will be insulted.

Quatrain 4,33
King joined more to Venus than to the Moon
Appearing with white fulness:
Venus hidden under the whiteness of Neptune
Struck by war and through the white grave.

Quatrain 5,24
The realm and The Law raised under Venus (Apoc./Rev. 22:16),
Saturn will have dominion over Jupiter:
(God will have dominion over Christ:)
The Law (Torah) and Realm raised by the Sun (Christ),
Through those of Saturn (Israel) it will suffer the worst.

Quatrain 10,67
The trembling (of all men on Earth - Ezekiel 38:20) so strong in the month of May,
Saturn (the Protector of the faithful of Israel), Goat (trapped between God and Christ - the King of Israel - Matt. 25:32-41), Jupiter (Kingly planet - Christ), Mercury (Messenger - Elijah) to the Ox (Unicorn):
Venus (Christ's planet) too, Cancer (Moon/Commonwealth), Mars (war - Armageddon) in the Brides of Christ - Israel (Pleiades - Seven Sisters - Nonnay/Nuns), (all of these planets are in conjunction and line up on 5/5/2000).
Hailstones bigger than an egg will then fall (Ezekiel 38:22). (Ezekiel chapters 38 & 39 are the chapters prophesying the great Battle of Armageddon).

Quatrain 10,73
The present time together with the past will be judged
By the great Man of Jupiter (King of kings). Too late will
The world be. Tired of Him and disloyal
through the oath-taking clergy (priests).

Could this rare Jupiter, Venus and crescent moon conjunction be a Sign?


The following is quoted from the

"Book of Tephi Queen of Tara."

O, hear ye the Promise of Israel, and O, Israel, this promise hear.

Let your watchmen know of the "Night". Let them count when the stars grow clear.

Let them strongly shout in the Gate (Gibraltar) if a presage of "Dawn" appear. Newgrange

Had a clear and vivid rememberance (through a dream) of how it used to be before finding and reading TWHOFTF and within in it, about Venus.

It (the situation before) was within a highly competitive setting where there was no real end in sight that amounted to an absolutely soul-crushing living HELL, where everyone was constantly being overloaded with high amounts of work and so much so, that there was really very little time (if any) ever left over to stop and think, about hardly anything else, other than how we were going to manage to deal with and cope with that constant level of pressure and work, literally being made into slaves to the system.

Sure am THANKFUL glad and happy to have found TWHOFTF and other information from TM.

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