Question: Why do you think T.H.E.Y. have mounted the two main 5G antennas on the roof of the courthouse and the Gibtelecom building?

They are putting them in locations where the public cannot access them to take them down. Like in the John Carpenter film “They Live”.



Questions for Jansen Reyes:

  1. Exactly WHERE are the additional (<5) towers going up? You disclose the number, never the locations planned and/or considered.

  2. Have any telecom companies installed new equipment during the Lockdown in Gib? Yes or No. And if yes, please disclose those locations and their purpose.

  3. You say Gibtelecom has no plans to use mm-waves, carefully clarifying “AT THE TIME of this writing”, just as you did numerous times at the 5G Debate. At what point does Gibtelecom plan to use them in the future, please? What is the projection date?

If Jansen is so forth-coming, he should be able to answer these questions.


You’re welcome.