Professor Explains Flaw In Many Models Used For COVID-19 Lockdown Policies

Economics professor Doug Allen wanted to know why so many early models used to create COVID-19 lockdown policies turned out to be highly incorrect. What he found was that a great majority were based on false assumptions and “tended to over-estimate the benefits and under-estimate the costs.” He found it troubling that policies such as total lockdowns were based on those models.

They were built on a set of assumptions. Those assumptions turned out to be really important, and the models are very sensitive to them, and they turn out to be false,” said Allen, the Burnaby Mountain Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University, in an interview.

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"Models" are not what they used to be. Artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with satellite surveillance is being used in ways that is beyond my capacity to understand. There are a lot of weird beliefs/ associations that surround Project Looking Glass which is a military-based technology that attempts to view the future, but it was real and may be being used in many of these "models" nutty professor Fauci often refers to. Instead of looking at facts and using one's reasoning mind and conscience to determine the best course of action to take in any given situation, AI is used to determine what to do next and when.

From a movie titled Deja Vu (with Denzel Washington):
"a program called "Snow White", which enables them to look into the past, in detail, by using several satellites to form a triangulated image of events"

The ability to detail the past or present under modern surveillance creates models that are not only flawed, but are highly dangerous.

Quote from the posted article:
"Today, some 14 months into the pandemic, many jurisdictions across Canada are still following the same policy trajectory outlined at the beginning of the pandemic. Allen attributes this to politics."

It may be more than poly-tics.

Truly the matrix. Very strange times, indeed!