Prof. Michael Palmer on mRNA vaccines

Lipid nano particles used in Covid vaccines to transport the mRNA into the body cells are known to be toxic. They can damage the human DNA, may cause an outbreak of viral diseases or even cancer and death.

For an in-depth analysis of the risks posed by lipid nanoparticles such as causing

  • blood clotting shortly after vaccination, potentially leading to heart attacks, stroke, and venous thrombosis
  • grave harm to female fertility
  • grave harm to breastfed infants
  • cumulative toxicity after multiple injections

Please see Prof. Palmer's article "The Pfizer mRNA Vaccine: Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity".


“There is just no way that any competent medical scientist who makes an honest effort to himself could not see that these vaccines – in particular the mRNA vaccines, which are touted as ‘the safe choice’ – will cause grave harm, and with a sufficient number of cumulative doses certain death.”


The medi(con) system says things like avoid fat in the diet, keep cholesterol low, etc. and then "they" inject into the body lethal fat (lipid) particles and say it is good for your health!