Post Categories and Replies

Good day to everyone.

This is just a reminder that the search tool :mag: is a great way to find if the information you want to post is already on a thread.

Sometimes, you may find a thread to add to; but sometimes what's up isn't exactly related.

When this happens, just create a new post instead of replying in an existing thread. As long as your post is categorized under the appropriate category, then that should work to keep things somewhat organized.

Sometimes, it may be better to give your post title a general-name instead of the exact title of an article; then that way, the thread would cover broader issues in terms of replies.

Another suggestion on the Gibraltar-Campo category and post replies please:

If your reply isn't about Gibraltar or The Campo, it probably should go on another thread. That way if someone sees a Gib/Campo post has been replied to, they will find something related to Gib; and not necessarily a reply with USA information. Of course, an exception is if you have commentary on how it specifically relates to Gibraltar and can add your thoughts on adding an article/video to a Gibraltar thread.

Thank you.