Polio Booster Vaccine To Be Offered To All Children Aged Over 1 To Under 10 Years Old

Following the detection of larger than normal amounts of Polio virus in the sewage of some parts of London, and due to Gibraltar’s strong travel links with that city, the Director of Public Health has advised that a precautionary approach should be taken. A single booster dose of the Polio vaccine will, therefore, be offered to all children aged between 1 and under 10 years old.

The booster will be offered at a walk in clinic from the Children’s Primary Care Centre (Suite 975, Europort) from 2-4pm every Thursday from Thursday 15th September. This is being offered to all children aged over 1 to under 10 years old, regardless of whether they have already received a Polio vaccine.

Parents/Guardians can find their child’s vaccination history on their vaccination record as the Polio vaccine is given as part of the 6-in-1 and 4-in-1 childhood vaccinations.

A full list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the Public Health Gibraltar website via the following link https://healthygibraltar.org/polio/

The Director of Public Health, Dr Helen Carter, said: ‘I am concerned at the increased detection of Polio virus in sewage across some areas of London. This unusual and may indicate that household spread of the virus is taking place in the UK, with which Gibraltar has strong travel links. Although the risk of contracting polio in Gibraltar remains low, the risk is even further reduced by vaccination.

‘Vaccination remains the best way of preventing this disease. I would therefore strongly urge all Parents/Guardians of children between the ages of over 1 and under 10 to take up the offer of a single booster dose of the Polio vaccine by attending the GHA’s walk in clinic every Thursday from Thursday 15th September between 2-4pm’.

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