Police Federation Chairman says police bosses aren't concerned enough about serious allegations, believing some of these need to be investigated as criminal matters

The Police Federation has criticised RGP bosses and accused them of not being concerned enough about what have been described as ‘extremely compromising allegations’.

It points out some of these are criminal and need to be investigated.

In a retirement address, which has been seen by GBC, Chairman Maurice Morello questions whether it’s the RGP'sCommand who may be working for others and not the Federation as alleged by the Commissioner. And he claims they’re playing a very dangerous game and some forget the skeletons in their closet.

Police Federation Chairman says police bosses aren't concerned enough about...

The Federation Chairman concedes its relationship with the RGP, appeared to shift after it was confirmed an inquiry into the early retirement of former Commissioner Ian McGrail was announced. He believes this is due to the fact that they would both be giving evidence, which he claims will expose inappropriate behaviour by some top managers. He claims the inquiry will be catastrophic for the RGP’s reputation with those in the frontline taking the brunt of the public’s comments.

The relationship, he says, deteriorated even further when several officers came forward with information that could prove damaging to the RGP.

Maurice Morello claims the current Commissioner, Richard Ullger pleaded with the Federation to put in a good word for him to the Police Authority. Something, which he says, it did, but would have done differently now.

He believes the death at sea incident in 2020, shows up a lack of quality and leadership at the Force saying the RGPargued on the side of the families of the drug smugglers opposing judicial review. Mr Morello says many questions remain unanswered, questioning whether the RGP insurance covers the incident, when he claims not all the crew was qualified, and why no senior officer gave evidence at the inquest and was held accountable.

And the federation’s finances, it says could now be crippled after the RGP’s legal counsel has asked for organisational costs to be met by the officers themselves.

The Chairman says everything the Federation has done has been with the interests of its members at heart. The RGP, it claims should not be asking itself why it has an issue with retention, when it claims it’s so quick to throw its employees under a bus when the going gets tough. Policing, it adds, comes with its ups and downs and therefore the management of people is vital. However it says no-one in this family fights alone.

For its part the RGP has refused to comment, saying this is a matter for the outgoing Chairman.

Elections for the post are due to take place on the 23rd of May.

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