Please practice diligence on posting information


Sometimes if the "news" seems too fantastical - it might be. Take time to verify the news, if it seems so. Often times, things go viral, but that doesn't make them true. It's sometimes best to let things play out before quickly spreading the news; because with time the information can be verified or contradicted.

Watch out for sensational headlines on all platforms.

Personally, I have found "The People's Voice" sometimes creates headlines that are misleading, projecting something that someone said - when they didn't say it in the way the headline reads. It is possible they are creating headlines to get attention, perhaps click-bait. Also I have personally found that Hal Turner mixes truth with non-truth. It may be he is quick to make assumptions, but sometimes it might be deliberate. I usually see if I can verify their news - and if they are the only source, I opt to wait. It was a learning lesson.

Thank you.

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Whenever we can say "wow" to a headline or information seen or read, it's time to dig a little deeper before we "go viral".

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Understood the point being made, however, not being in full agreement with the statement in regards to "wow" is what shall be expressed as follows:

Though I cannot profess to having had a great childhood, by far there maintains in my memory a "Wow" moment that maxes out the wow-moments that can be experienced in this material plane of life here on Planet Earth. This memory is the first time as a child I got up and walked my first steps upright and forward in a straight line without falling over. Due to my little size, at that time, I was walking towards two knees with two held out hands ready to catch me on my arrival. It was awesome! Truly, "wow'.

Another "wow" moment was discovering, where I discovered TWHOFTF; and upon finishing reading that Book and discovering Its Author was another unforgettable "wow" moment. Again about learnng how to walk, but Spritually-inspired learning this time around. :slightly_smiling_face: Subsequently, there have been other "wow" moments.

Human + beings on Planet Earth are flawed. Even Moses made a couple of mistakes, and David whose spoken and written words are filled with truth and beauty, was a deeply flawed individual and leader.

Looking forward to more "wow" moments from The Lord and Father above, Both of Whom never cease to amaze and gladly surprise. Thank-You to The Lord and Father in Heaven.