The GSLP Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has seen fit to make an unprecedented and personalised attack on Henry Pinna and committee members of Action for Housing, in reply to concerns expressed by it about the allocation of a specific government house. In doing so, he has irreversibly put his foot in it.

If something is well known about anyone, it is Mr. Pinna’s dedication, conviction, honesty and acting from his heart in performing his central role in Action for Housing. A role that he has carried out for decades. Mr Pinna’s unblemished, upfront, and campaigning character was further recognised when he was appointed Gibraltar’s first Public Services Ombudsman in 1999.


If there is nothing to hide why the defensive reaction, Mr. Picardo?

Why such a violent reaction, if a valid and substantiated reply could have been forthcoming from Mr, Picardo. Perhaps, precisely because such a response is not available, so Mr. Picardo is left only with the choice of hiding behind aggression, whilst people forget.

Mr. Picardo, people will not forget your behaviour towards Mr. Pinna. He is too respected by all.

Why, also, the reaction from you, the Chief Minister, and not from the Minister for Housing? Is it because, Mr. Picardo, you had any direct involvement in the allocation in question? One would hope there is no direct link or connection with the person allocated the house in question.

Mr. Picardo, some advice, this type of behaviour from you, which is becoming more and more frequent, will not get you elected. It will result in fewer and fewer people wanting you, and your Government, in power.


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