Picardo warns that there will be a referendum if the treaty touches upon sovereignty.

Sovereignty issue remains in Treaty talks, Fabian Picardo tells Commons

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, stated yesterday before the European Scrutiny Committee of the British House of Commons that he will call a referendum in the event that the treaty being negotiated with the European Union touches upon the issue of sovereignty. However, he reiterated that there would be no concessions on sovereignty, jurisdiction, and control. Picardo told the Committee that there remains a problem in the Treaty negotiations, where it is "difficult to eliminate sovereignty."

This was reported on Wednesday by Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), the public radio and television broadcaster in Gibraltar. When responding to questions about the state of negotiations regarding post-Brexit trade and border agreements for the Rock, Fabian Picardo emphasized that the discussions were halted due to the Spanish elections and not due to issues related to the Gibraltar airport.