Picardo believes an agreement with the EU on the status of Gibraltar is now "probable"

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabián Picardo, said on Thursday that it is not only possible, but "probable" that a "great agreement" will be reached between the United Kingdom and the European Union on the status of the Rock after Brexit, coinciding with the Spanish presidency of the EU.

He made the statement to journalists after participating in a roundtable discussion in Madrid on the influence of European policies on member countries, as part of the Third National Congress of the Regenerate Spain Civil Society, organized by Civil Society Now.

"It not only seems possible to me, but probable," he replied when asked if he thought it was possible to reach this agreement coinciding with the Spanish presidency of the EU, which will take place in the second half of this year.

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar avoided going into details of the latest negotiation, which took place last Tuesday in London, although he was clear: "We are already very close to the goal of reaching a great agreement that is good for all parties, where everyone wins and no one loses."

However, he added that, after two years of negotiations, he has learned not to set "timeframes", because every time a goal is set, "we fail" and "maybe without setting one, we get it right," he remarked.

In any case, he insisted on the need to reach this agreement "as soon as possible".

On the other hand, he pointed out that what Gibraltar needs is a free movement zone of goods and people similar to that which exists between the United Kingdom and Ireland so that there is "maximum fluidity at the border."

He insisted that this is what Gibraltar has been pursuing "from the very beginning" and not being in the Schengen area, although "it has been translated that way in the media," he emphasized.