Picardo and his FLAT-EARTH Nonsense

Fabian “Der Fuehrer” Picardo once again took a jab at Anti-Lockdown Protesters, who are no longer buying the official false narrative about a deadly world pandemic:

“If you believe Covid is not real. If you believe we are doing this somehow in order to control you, then frankly the next step for you is to believe the Earth is flat.”

At approximately 2:35 minutes into the GBC interview (below), he is asked, “There are those who might accuse you of perhaps overdramatizing, in order to justify being able to keep the controls on social distancing in Main Street etc. What would you tell them?

The question asked isn’t about whether Covid is real or not, it’s about draconian control measures the government has fraudulently imposed (using Covid as the tool).

Picardo doesn’t skip a beat to avoid answering the real question, but tailors his response to belittle those critical thinkers who are awake to the scam, and who are doing their own research and listening to the growing mountain of evidence about Covid19, the flawed tests, CASEDEMIC, and the real DANGERS of lockdowns and masks.

Before he ends his answer with the quote above, he admits imposing controls has been the hardest thing that he’s done as Chief Minister; and that the government officials are doing this because “they have to”. Who is making them do it? What do they have on him/them to control him/them?

It probably has been the hardest thing he’s done – keeping up the charade. It shows. His countenance has grown dark (see video above) – maybe he can’t sleep at night. Early on, he said something along the lines that his career has prepared him to handle the crisis. Has it? Was he prepared to wreck the economy, bankrupt businesses, take on more non-repayable debt, and wreak havoc on the mental health of Gibraltar? Was he prepared to ignore the evidence that lockdowns have caused more harm than so-called good? So yeah, it’s probably been hard on him to turn on his own people. Before you think about giving him any pity, know that he is performing the greatest acting role of his life – because he “has to”. And his phrase of “we are doing this because we have to” is double-speak. For the public, it’s acting. His role is to convince Gibraltarians there’s this great world pandemic (EVENT 201). But for those above his pay-grade who are calling the real shots, it’s about him and other Gibraltar officials and administrators following orders. And Picardo’s next step is always calculated to be in line with Rockefeller’s LOCKSTEP, to usher in the GREAT RESET.

Picardo says he stands for freedom and liberty; but actions speak louder than words; and politicians often mean the opposite of what they say; and are notorious for lying to appear “pure” of heart. Everyone should know that politicians are professional liars.

Matthew 23:27 Woe unto you, lawyers and politicians, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead [men's] bones, and of all filthiness. King of kings’ Bible

Never mind that all those in government, the GHA, police and armed forces still refuse to listen to independent real experts, about the science and the growing evidence of harm from lockdowns and limiting oxygen-intake with face-masks. Limiting OXYGEN makes people sicker (not rocket-science) – but maybe that’s part of the plan, to reduce people’s immune-systems so that they are more susceptible to illness; to sell more pharmaceutical products/poisons, and they can drag this plandemic out until the DNA life-altering vaccines become mandatory.

Imposing the globalists “new normal”, which is a communist authoritarian regime, is the very opposite of freedom and liberty: ask anyone who lived under the USSR’s communist regime. As far as the police go, Hitler’s brown shirts probably thought they were doing the “right” thing – at first – then look what happened to them. Tyrants never give up power unless they are forced to do so: they always crave more. And they’ve got this Hydra around the world strangling it to usher in a communist totalitarian one-world government. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. What are the published goals of UNITED NATIONS‘ initiatives, like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030; or the World Economic Forum’s ID2020.

Independent EXPERTS are saying the tests are FLAWED; and even pick up if people have had the COMMON COLD (which is categorized as a corona-virus, thus giving a false-positive result. Who hasn’t had a cold at least once?); they are saying the survival RATE is over 99% for most people (like from a bad cold or flu), and only the most vulnerable are susceptible. They are saying you isolate the sick, not the healthy. Experts KNOW the science and numbers are being manipulated and can PROVE it. These are HONEST doctors and scientists like DOLORES CAHILL, HEIKO SCHOENING, and REINER FUELLMICH. Even CARL HENNIGAN, who was advising Ireland isn’t going ALONG with the official globalist-narrative. There are many members of the GHA who also know this, but are afraid to speak out publicly, for fear of losing their jobs.

It’s not that we all say Covid isn’t real, as there is evidence that something was bioengineered and purposefully or accidently released. Perhaps, it didn’t affect the world as planned, because God intervened, so the Satanist globalists had to change the plot. None of the details matter in the Big Picture. We know the End-Game – The satanic plan of an Anti-God totalitarian one-world government with a 95% depopulation agenda (ie BILL GATES is an eugenicist). Has Gibraltar even investigated how many millions of people his vaccines have already harmed?

We assume Picardo lumps-in those posting on Defending-Gibraltar; and is addressing them in his ignorant, arrogant, derogatory manner. After all, Defending-Gibraltar is one of the sites where you can find the truth, and news about globalists’ plans for the world; and how they are implementing them. If you study any of Defending-Gibraltar posts you will find evidence, articles, videos, etc. that the official false narrative of the Government of Gibraltar is the same as the evil one worldwide – they are playing along. We know it. They know it.

And Picardo isn’t the first to try to lump all-truthers in with flat-earthers and he won’t be the last.

But just to set the record straight:

The Earth is a Globe. It’s not flat.

The flat-earth non-sense is a COINTELPRO PSYOP – and Picardo is most likely well aware of its true purpose – to discredit and demean truth-tellers, by falsely labeling them flat-earthers, when they most definitely are not.

Please read:

The article introduces Eric Dubay Flat Earth Light and Shadows EXPOSED! video:

If T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) will go to these lengths of getting people to believe the Earth is flat, in order to discredit the Truth movement, can you envision what T.H.E.Y. are willing to do to get people to willingly give up freedom and liberty.

Our next step is really to continue the good fight – the fight for freedom and justice for all.


The Bible is Ever True:

Isaiah 40:22 [It is] He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof [are] as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

And if you know the Bible, then you know that evil players are always allowed to continue their evil plots, right up until the time they “think” they’ve gotten away with them. At that moment, the rug is always pulled out from under them. Go ahead: study The Bible.

The King of kings' Bible is ideal for Gibraltar’s Jews, Christians and Muslims, as it brings together all three holy texts into One Book.


What Picardo is doing is employing logical fallacies, which is yet another sign that he’s either being intentionally deceptive or he’s incompetent. It’s either one or the other.

His likening those who are awakened to the reality of this BS-19 plandemic to believing in the flat earth psyop is referred to as a false dichotomy, or false dilemma. It’s particularly evil, because it presents two options, and then pretends those are the only two options that are available, when in fact other options exist.

Not only does Picardo’s ignorant, loaded question not make any sense, but it can and should be turned around on him. In other words…

“If you believe Covid is real Picardo, then it’s up to you to prove it, which you can do in the following way:

  1. Please provide proof that what is being referred to as the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19) actually exists. Proof MUST include actual evidence that the virus has actually been isolated, positively identified, and then successfully used to infect a healthy volunteer (the standard protocol using Koch’s postulates).

  2. Please provide proof that any of the tests being used actually identify whether someone has what is being referred to as the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19). Proof MUST include actual evidence of what these tests actually test for, and how whatever is being tested for proves one does or doesn’t have this alleged virus. Proof must also include the expected number of false positives and false negatives the test(s) produce, and how those two designations are determined.

  3. Please provide proof that what is being referred to as the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19) can actually be spread through contact with bodily fluids of any kind. Proof MUST include actual evidence showing healthy volunteers being infected by those alleged to have what is being referred to as the SARS-COV-2 virus (COVID-19).

  4. Please provide proof that in the absence of ANY of the evidence listed in the three previous requirements this isn’t about control. Because frankly, if you cannot provide any of the requested evidence, then the next step for you is to vacate the position which you are clearly unfit to hold.

You don’t need to worry about the shape of the Earth Picardo. Worry instead about your apparent lack of a spine, which is why you so cowardly resort to illogical nonsense to push your satanic agenda.


Even in Gibraltar -

Politicians and governments are suppressing science.

From an editor at BMJ.com (British Medical Journal) Nov. 13, 2020:

The stakes are high for politicians, scientific advisers, and government appointees. Their careers and bank balances may hinge on the decisions that they make.

Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science


by Kamran Abbasi, executive editor

• Politicians and governments are suppressing science.

• Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain.

• Politicians often claim to follow the science, but that is a misleading oversimplification.

• Suppression of science and scientists is not new or a peculiarly British phenomenon.

Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science.

Politicisation of science was enthusiastically deployed by some of history’s worst autocrats and dictators, and it is now regrettably commonplace in democracies.

Or read it in article form here -

It should be pointed out for those who may not be aware of it, that what is currently going on with the CV-1984 cyber warfare against “anti-vaxxers” employs the very same mind-control techniques discussed in the flat earth video. The government hired and taxpayer financed cyber-warriors use these weapons against the people, to con them into accepting the government narrative and eventually the vaccine.

It’s a very simple and well-documented technique: intentionally feed people conflicting information over and over until they are mind-numbed from it, then they’ll believe whatever you tell them to believe in the end (“if you tell them a big enough lie often enough, they’ll believe it” - Hitler).

In other words, if you said left, right, left, right…a hundred times in rapid succession, most wouldn’t remember if you started with the left or the right, and would expect you to remind them which foot to put forward first. That’s why we keep seeing the WHO and CDC one day claiming that masks shouldn’t be worn, and the next day claiming they should. They continue to go back and forth, sometimes within the same document or even within the same sentence, in an attempt to induce cognitive dissonance.

This is exactly the same thing Eric Dubay was doing with the FE nonsense, e.g. claiming the sun can somehow be above and below the horizon at the same time, or telling people to look “directly at” something that is also “back from you”, etc. A couple of other examples would be:

  1. the Athanasian creed, used to sell the trinity delusion (which illustrates how long this technique has been in use): “…three, but not three…one, but not one…”, etc. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athanasian_Creed); and

  2. silly poems like the one linked below:

Note: in the poem it should be “skinny and stout” (polar opposites), rather than “skinny and scout”

Of course for these techniques to be successful, t.h.e.y. need to control the media/medium, hence the increases being seen in censorship and silencing dissenters, coupled with more pseudo-science, name-calling and other logical fallacies (illogical nonsense), and an almost universal departure from anything that could be deemed logical or reasonable.

And it will only get worse from here, which is why all Gibraltarians should be taking action now to remove these paid government actors and their puppet psycho-babbling witch-doctors and reinstate our Creator’s Law, the latter of which GUARANTEES that NO ONE will EVER be forced to take a vaccine.


Thank you @A_Freeman – your logic is so simple.

Sure it's not about CONTROL!

Tucker Carlson, who has a top-rated news show on Fox, sums it up. They are brazen about their goals of control.

Trudeau isn't the only puppet politician in Lockstep with the Great Reset. Picardo fits the bill too.

Notice "key" globalist words and phrases – whether they be "the new normal" – the opportunity to "reset" or "build back better", they want to "re-imagine" the world. This is a planned world-wide orchestrated event. It's not about health.

Our leaders are pushing to “completely control” the “most intimate details of our lives,” Carlson said.

“This is our chance,” says Justin Trudeau. Not our chance to save you from a virus with a 99% survival rate. This is our chance to impose unprecedented social controls on the population in order to bypass democracy and change everything to conform with their weird academic theories that have never been tested in the real world and, by the way, don’t actually make sense.

Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, has written a book called “COVID-19: The Great Reset.” The book isn’t really about science or medicine. Instead, it describes, “what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward.”

They (politicians) are no longer humiliated by their own hypocrisy. The point of the exercise is to humiliate the rest of us by forcing us to obey transparently absurd orders.

Thank you for the link, will share

Speaking of those who want control:

This is a MUST-READ article :pushpin:

This article could well stand on its own; be added to the RGP continues to fine people thread; or a number of the vaccine threads.

Because Picardo mentions the control factor of lockdowns, it might be prudent to realize what’s coming in terms of free speech and real debate.

The control-freaks are already rearing their ugly heads with BigTech censorship of social media platforms; BigMedia going after those opposing to the official narrative; BigPharma trying to discredit independent doctors and scientists; and puppet politicians employing logical fallacies.

And now in the UK, the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Neil Basu, just flouted what is coming.

“Britain’s top counter-terrorism officer today called for a NATIONWIDE DEBATE on the introduction of new laws to punish people who spread ANTI-VACCINATION CONSPIRACY THEORIES.”

This propagandised message from the Met is attempting to reconstruct the ideological landscape, reframe the parameters of what a debate is, reclassify free speech, weaponise information, and obfuscate the important legal principle: ‘Innocent until proven guilty.’

This is on the very same day that Boris Johnson flexed his own military muscle, announcing: RECORD DEFENCE SPENDING for laser guns, directed energy weapons, an artificial intelligence agency and the creation of a national cyber force (a group of computer hackers to conduct offensive operations).

In the article linked above, the question is asked –
Do you see what they’re trying to achieve?

Read the 8-point interpretation of what Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police really said.

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It’s interesting @A_Freeman brings this up, because according to Freedom of Information Requests, neither the PHE in the UK or CDC in the USA, have documentation of isolating it.


This request was featured in this article - PHE has no real evidence that SARS2-COV2 causes COVID-19, Chromosome 8,. Blood Plasma Treatment – and more.


Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable.

You what are the known-flawed PCR Test measuring? –