Pfizer’s obscene $900m profit from its Covid vaccine in just three months proves capitalism and public health are bad bedfellows

The US pharmaceutical giant cashing in on a pandemic that has killed 3.2m people while failing to help the world’s poor is morally indefensible, and illustrates the corrupt nature of monopoly medicine.

As the New York Times reported, Pfizer generated hundreds of millions in profits in the first quarter of 2021, thanks to its successful Covid-19 vaccine. What’s interesting about the company’s success, however, is that its vaccine is one of just two widely used that are produced on a for-profit basis – and the only one whose manufacturer is not reliant on it to stay afloat. Pfizer’s windfall this year is, in essence, a windfall for monopoly medicine.

Unlike its Western competitors Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, Pfizer decided early to profit from its vaccine. That profit margin hasn’t been disclosed, but it was predicted that this would be in the high 20% range. That means that, of the $3.5 billion brought in by the vaccine this quarter, about $900m is pre-tax profit.

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It's always about the profits

Dr. David Martin, author and patent researcher, did a TRUTH interview with Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Highlights included profits from royalties off university patents, price fixing and the violations of numerous laws and codes, by the "actors" involved in this scamdemic.
He authored The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier /
This document is prepared for humanity by Dr. David E. Martin

It's 205 pages that covers:

35 U.S.C. § 101
18 U.S.C. §2339 C et seq. – Funding and Conspiring to Commit Acts of Terror
18 U.S.C. § 2331 §§ 802 – Acts of Domestic Terrorism resulting in death of American Citizens
18 U.S.C. § 1001 – Lying to Congress
15 U.S.C. §1-3 – Conspiring to Criminal Commercial Activity
15 U.S.C. §8 – Market Manipulation and Allocation
15 U.S.C. § 19 – Interlocking Directorates
35 U.S.C. §200 - 206 – Disclosure of Government Interest
21 C.F.R. § 50.24 et seq., Illegal Clinical Trial
The Commercial Actors

In a video released in Jan. 2021,

Dr. Martin states, under the US code 2339 funding and conspiring to commit acts of terror, knowing the virulence of the $1 spike protein and ACE II receptor was a known considerable risk to humans, NIAID and Eco Health Alliance and numerous researchers lamented the fact that the public was NOT SUFFICIENTLY concerned about corona virus to adequately fund their desired research, research that shouldn't have been done in the first place.
So Dr. Dansak offered the following assessment, "Until an INFECTIOUS DISEASE CRISIS is very real, very present, and at an emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. TO SUSTAIN THE FUNDING BASE beyond the crisis, he said, we need to increase public understanding of the need for MCM's such as pan influenza, or pan corona virus vaccine. A key driver is the media, AND THE ECONOMICS FOLLOW. Investors will respond if they see a profit at the end of the process.
This was in 2013-2015/ so they were paving Their way...

Dr. Martin highlights the players involved and the governments complicity in this game.

Federal Grants for Corona virus/ Federal Relief tax dollars. Anthony Faucis wife gave exemption from Corona virus vaccine. NIH (passed thru) $435 million under Cares Act (666)6.

Modernas $$$ tied to Fauci and friends

Fauci is in charge of panels and a series of commissions for Moderna.
In 2009 1 year before Moderna filed patent the US tax payers paid for it, and he is individually profiting from it. A science Grant funded illegally naming two co-inventors appropriating technology that is US tax funded.
They are therefore profiting off the backs of the taxpayers, funded by proprietary information from the work done by the National Science Foundation Grant. Wrapping it up into a company where he would become one of the co-founders. -
Illegally naming two venture capitalists as co inventors.
A Company founded on misappropriated technology approved for the purpose of personal enrichment they are beholden to the FED
Grants for all the things they developed (over 140) patents, NOT ONCE have they followed the Law.

Violating the Bayh-Dole Act in EVERY patent filing.
NIAID has a vested interest/ 2.4 billion U.S. tax payer money put into it by Fauci and funded by Gates.
The Bayh-Dole Act / 3500 patents for the criminals to collect $$$ whilst poisoning the population.

The NIAID is a federally funded agency which is supposed to tell us where AUTISM COMES FROM YET THEY DON'T SPEND A PENNY ON THAT. The NIAID has turned into a pharmaceutical factory, (Products for Profit), with FDA approval process Medicare has TO PAY and ROYALTIESgo to FAUCI and FRIENDS.

This is a DARPA, NIAID funded RACKET, ALL conflicted violations, and financial interests
Violates 21 codes of Federal Regulation.

The Code of Federal regulation that governs the FDA has a provision that says there are ways to expedite the process during a national emergency. But to do this it must be reviewed and approved by independent institutional review boards and ethics committees with NO Financial interest in the outcome. That body has to be empaneled otherwise you CANNOT do what T.H.E.Y. are doing. T.H.E.Y. are violating the provisions of the Emergency Use Authorization Act. There have been no independent means of testing. This is a criminal organization.

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Pfizer Earned $3.5 Billion in Q1 COVID-19 Vaccine Sales, Moderna Earned $1.9 Billion

That puts the 'vaccine' on track to make up more than one-third of Pfizer’s total sales for the year. The two-shot gene-manipulating drug quickly became Pfizer’s best-selling product in the first quarter.

Meanwhile, the world's most overrated biotech company, Moderna, posted its first ever profit thanks to its problematic mRNA 'vaccine'. The company reported revenue of $1.9 billion and net income of $1.2 billion in the first quarter.

Moderna also received $190 million in grants...

While Pfizer and Moderna have profited handsomely from this fraudulent state of affairs, the adverse event and death reports for these drugs continue to mount at an unprecedented rate.

Germany funded the development of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine—not U.S.’s Operation Warp Speed

Keep those shots coming: Pfizer seeking full FDA approval for Covid vaccine as pharma firms begin push for yearly booster doses

Next it will be every six months, then every three months and then every month.

Pfizer Executive admits that their vaccine is not designed to end the pandemic but to turn it into an endemic

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Pfizer a “habitual offender” that “persistently” engages in illegal activity, study warns

Can this multi-billion-dollar corporate behemoth really be entrusted with carrying the load of public health during a plandemic?

In a word, no. Pfizer is a “habitual offender” that “persistently engag[es] in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.”

The vaccine-market hasn't been saturated like the drug-market; and the only way for them to make massive profits is to create vaccines for new markets – but they need to first create a reason for all these vaccines... and their boosters.