Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to cross runway after airport tunnel is complete, Chief Minister confirms

After the airport tunnel is open, pedestrians and cyclists will continue to be able to cross the runway, as they do now.

The Chief Minister confirmed on Direct Democracy on GBC Television that this access will continue, with the Government finalising arrangements with the Ministry of Defence towards this.

As well as confirming that pedestrian access via the runway was set to continue, Fabian Picardo declined to give a precise completion date for the tunnel, but said he anticipated that the Government would receive it from the contractor this summer, and that it will be completely opened in the autumn, with the works on the approach road to the tunnel now ready to start.

On Spain's termination of the reciprocal healthcare bridging measures, and asked whether Gibraltar could be brought under the umbrella of the UK's Global Health Insurance Card, which allows holders to get state healthcare in Europe at a reduced cost or free, the Chief Minister said this was a "work in progress". However, he could not provide a timeframe for this.

Asked whether the current turmoil, leading to resignations, in the UK Government was having any impact on the negotiations, Fabian Picardo said the negotiations were being handled by senior FCDO officials along with the Government of Gibraltar. However, he said if new political actors were involved, he would have to ensure they understood the wishes of the people of Gibraltar.

And, the Chief Minister also said he believed the amounts that Government ministers are paid are something worth considering with his Cabinet colleagues, but did not give a firm commitment to lowering these, although he said they would not be raised.