Passing Observations

Passing Observations

182 By Rhoda Wilson on July 1, 2023

Dr. Vernon Coleman both informs and entertains with his latest passing observations. If you’re counting, he’s on number 182. His list of 21 observations includes Goldman Sacks sacking 2,300 bankers, Meta firing 21,000 collaborators “and Google has fired 12,000 censorious, fascist grubs too.”

Bankers and other fascists aside and closer to home, Kier Starmer is trying to imitate Norway but without the oil and gas resources so he’s sure to fail before he’s out of the starting blocks and Dr. Colman has had a wrestling match with a Coca-Cola bottle cap.

  1. Utterly insane local council recycling Gestapo officials are demanding that residents put more effort into cleaning the material they recycle. Householders have been told that they should wash and rinse containers thoroughly and then either wipe and dry with paper towels or blow dry with a hairdryer. These morons clearly haven’t heard that there is a global water shortage. And do they think paper towels grow on trees? (That’s a joke, by the way.) The aim of all this is, of course, to keep people so busy that they don’t know what is happening. And to waste water so that the water shortage gets worse.

  2. Average UK pay rose by 7.2% between February and April 2023. That works out at 28.8% a year. My State pension (after paying contributions for over 40 years) is still around £140 a week. We’ve decided to spend it all on hiring one of those super-yachts for six months – complete with a helicopter, speedboat and twelve-man crew.

  3. There’s always good news around if you look hard enough. Goldman Sachs, the most evil bank on earth, is sacking 2,300 bankers. Heaven knows what they’re going to do for a living, though. I doubt if the world needs another 2,300 lavatory cleaners.

  4. We needed an essential prescription medicine. The manager of a branch of Lloyds Pharmacy said they couldn’t get the medicine we needed and dismissively suggested that we went to a private pharmacy. So, we did. They got it the next day. Three boos for Lloyds Pharmacy. I hope they go bust. Use your nearest private pharmacy in preference to one of the chains.

  5. Remember that grinning British PM and war criminal Rishi Sunak said that he would control inflation by the end of the year and I said he wouldn’t? Well, I’ll double down. He definitely won’t do it.

  6. I bought a bottle of Coca-Cola and found that the cap was attached to the bottle by a piece of plastic. It took all my strength to break it free. Why is Coca-Cola doing this? Is the plan merely to use up more plastic? This new nonsense must make life difficult for bottle cap collectors of whom I am sure there are millions.

  7. The latest fad of the ESG enthusiasts is to buy shares in AI companies. Here is certain proof that ESG is controlled by mad globalists with a penchant for genocide and the general destruction of the human race.

  8. If you fall ill, whether you live or die depends on one thing: how much money you have. This becomes increasingly significant as you get older. The plan, in every country, is to limit health care and to provide treatment only for the young, the generally healthy and the useful. The frail, the aged and the truth-telling troublemakers are unwanted. (So, I’m pretty well stuffed.)

  9. In England, the terrifying Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, has said that he intends to start a Sovereign Fund – aping the success of the hugely successful Sovereign Fund run by Norway. One big snag. The Norwegian fund was built on income from oil and gas, and Starmer has vowed to stop oil and gas exploration. Unless he introduces a new special tax there won’t be any money to put in a Sovereign Fund. The UK is already broke. By the time Starmer gets into No 10 Downing Street he’ll find the bailiffs there sorting through the pictures and furniture to find something worth taking. I wonder if Boris left behind his expensive wallpaper? If so, they could always peel it off and flog it. (If there is a hung parliament and a coalition government after the next election, England will be pushed back into the EU to please crazed liberal and green voters.)

  10. More good news. Zuckerberg’s Meta (the owner of Facebook) has fired 21,000 collaborators since last November. And Google has fired 12,000 censorious, fascist grubs too. What will they all do now that they aren’t trying to control our lives? Does the world need that many deck chair attendants?

  11. “After the storm, all you got is the foundation.” – Andrew Vachss writing in ‘Blossom’.

  12. Joe Biden now wears an earpiece when talking to the Press. This enables him to talk to the President of, say, France, without thinking he is the man who has come to read the meters. Actually, US President Joe Biden is clearly suffering from quite severe dementia. In the last few days, I’ve seen him say “God Save the Queen” and mistake the Indian national anthem for the American one. He almost darned near started a war with China. The people who want Biden to run again as President are just plain cruel. The poor old guy should be allowed to sit in the garden and make daisy chains. Biden’s errors aren’t funny anymore. And he’s too dotty to be put in prison.

  13. English counties are going to have a new layer of local government. This is an attempt to revive the Regional Parliaments which the EU wanted to foist on England a few years ago and which were thoroughly rejected by voters. The new layer of management (they are calling it devolution) will simply put the collaborators in greater control – and voters will have no control at all. The devolved local governments will do what they are told to do, so making it easier for us to progress to a world government. If you want to know why we shouldn’t re-join the EU please read OFPIS.

  14. Five years ago, little Greta Thunberg (who looked about six but appeared to have appointed herself a world expert on climate change in the same way that Bill Gates, the friend of the BBC and Jeffrey Epstein, had appointed himself an expert on vaccines) said that if we didn’t stop using fossil fuels, we had only five years left. For the truth about climate change please read ‘Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. It’s available on Amazon and it’s both entertaining and educational. Once you’ve read it, you’ll know that climate change is a complete scam and that the politicians and journalists who’ve promoted this myth have been scaremongering. Give a copy of Greta’s Homework to anyone you know who still believes the official garbage about global warming.

  15. Zelensky is so desperate for fodder for his army that any male between the ages of 18 and 65 is now eligible to be called up to serve. Since the lifespan of Ukrainian soldiers is measured in hours, call up papers might as well come with a death certificate.

  16. If you want the truth, avoid all mainstream media – just listen to your heart.

  17. If you’ve never watched it take a look at the 70s film ‘Network’ starring Peter Finch and William Holden. Afterwards, stick your head out of the window and yell: ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.’

  18. Scientists are apparently still puzzling over why sperm counts are so low. They’re blaming all sorts of chemicals. They should stop wasting time on research. First, I knew back in the 1980s what the problem was – all the female hormones from excreted contraception pills can be found in drinking water. The hormones are feminising men and fish with disastrous results. But it isn’t accidental (as I once thought). It is part of the plan to cut the population. If you want to know more about drugs in drinking water read my book ‘Superbody’ which is available on Amazon. And, by the way, filtering your water doesn’t remove the hormones. (We drink bottled spring water.) Second, the covid-19 jab is also almost certainly having a serious effect on fertility, and we won’t know the full significance of this for another decade or two.

  19. The EU has decided it wants to control the weather. Someone should tell them that Gates (the amateur vaccine enthusiast) and other billionaires are already doing it. The people who want to play God should coordinate their insanities.

  20. Re-wilding (turning food farmland into scrubland overrun with nettles, brambles, hogweed and rats) is going to push up food prices massively. Since 2015, the US has lost 12.4 million areas of farmland. And the Third World War isn’t helping much. Food production in Ukraine is 40% lower than it was in 2021 – and getting lower every week. It’s all part of the plan to increase the number of people starving to death. (The last figure was that 140 million people were starving. No one in the mainstream media seems to give a damn.)

  21. Governments are still wasting huge sums of our money on developing hydrogen as a fuel source. The snag (as I have described many times) is that you can’t make hydrogen without fossil fuels. As a source of heat and light, hydrogen falls into the same category as rubbing two dry sticks together to make a flame.

Passing Observations 212

By Rhoda Wilson on November 11, 2023

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

  1. Taxes in Britain are at record highs. Inflation and interest rates are higher than they’ve been for years. A massive recession looms. The health care system is now the worst in the developed world (and worse than health care systems in Third World countries). The police have pretty well given up arresting criminals. Our courts and prisons cannot cope. Our infrastructure is a mess. The nation is running out of energy, and politicians are deliberately making things worse by sticking to their absurd and unnecessary commitment to Net Zero. Sewage is being poured into seas and rivers while water companies send profits to foreign investors. The elderly are routinely killed when they fall ill. And what is Sunak’s answer to all Britain’s problems? He interferes in wars in Ukraine and Israel – spending money we don’t have, creating millions of new enemies, making Britain a terrorist target and becoming a war criminal in the process.

  2. The Bank of England, which has explored new depths in incompetence, has decided to remove the cap on bankers’ bonuses so that reckless morons gambling with other people’s money can be handed untold millions they haven’t earned while shareholders (many of whom are pensioners) see their holdings collapse in value. Meanwhile, the Shylocks running our banks are pushing up the interest rates they charge borrowers while keeping the interest rates they pay depositors as low as ever.

  3. In the bankrupt US, Biden wants another $106 billion to buy arms to send to Ukraine and Israel so that yet more people can be killed in senseless, indefensible wars. And he wants to be President for another four years.

  4. Electric cars are so heavy that if they ever become popular our roads and bridges will all have to be rebuilt so that they don’t collapse.

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