Part 6: Gain-of-Function mRNA Research is Not What Experts Lead Us to Believe

Part 6: Gain-of-Function mRNA Research is Not What Experts Lead Us to Believe

Dismantling the COVID-19 Deceptions. Dr. Andrew Huff’s guidance and expert witness testimony confirms the deceptive global narrative that it was an mRNA virus, SARs-CoV-2 that caused COVID-19.

Prior to COVID-19, the NIH defined gain-of-function (GOF) as, “Gain-of-function research involves experimentation that aims or is expected to increase the transmissibility and/or virulence of pathogens.”

A pathogen is any infectious organism that can cause disease, disabilities, or death. Based on this definition, gain-of-function research is not exclusively genetic modifications to pathogens , also known as the creation of mRNA viruses .

Under the historical definition, GOF may include technology as a delivery mechanism. For example, the use of technology to aerosolize a weaponized pathogen. But beyond the use of technology as a delivery device, the historical definition of gain-of-function was inclusive of the fusion of a pathogenic organism with technology , the merger of biology with technology to create an Ai bioweapon.

That was the definition of gain-of-function, until the NIH changed it in 2021.

According to the May 26, 2022, publication Oversight of Gain of Function Research with Pathogens: Issues for Congress, the revised NIH definition of gain-of-function research:

“The term gain of function refers to any genetic mutation in an organism that confers (results in) a new or enhanced ability.”

The new NIH definition of GOF is now exclusively limited to the use of mRNA and similar technologies to only genetically edit pathogens. Unlike the 2020 definition of GOF research, the new definition excludes the integration of an organic pathogen with technology, or the development of an Ai bioweapon.

After decades of research, experts agree (including Ralph Baric, the inventor of SARS-CoV-2), that mRNA viruses are completely useless inside the human body. GOF mRNA viruses have zero utility unless the mRNA sequences are merged with an advanced technology and encapsulated in a delivery system.

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