Parody Videos - Copies or Imitations of Events or Scenarios


Nice find, bovid and then covid makes me think history repeats it's self according to that video you posted.

Well done parody.

Ah yes, I remember that Bovid report like yesterday. I distinctly remember watching "Markets of Britain" after it.

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Same i watched Bovid and then after ''markets of Britain'' but the humour was stupid!

Coronavirus - 1970s Public Information Film

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World in Action: London in Lockdown

Hahaha :grinning:

This is about snow coffee and north korea and america.

BBC reporting on DPRK (North Korea) overlaid on queen funeral procession

North Korean Water Park Video

"you can slide on a rubber boat, or set your whole body afloat"

That does actually look like fun, just wish they would make life better there for the average citizen

Click below to watch the bit about sliding on a rubber boat or set your whole body afloat.

Haha :slight_smile: anyways i agree they should make life better for the average citizen of north korea.

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The London resistance group known as the Blade Runners have destroyed over 1000 of the hated ULEZ(Ultra Low Emissions Zone) cameras. The city can’t keep up!