Parliament introduces voter identification system ahead of referendum

23rd June 2021
The Gibraltar Parliament has unveiled a new electronic system of identification that will be used in tomorrow’s referendum on abortion.

The system will see voters scan their ID cards, in a new swift and simple system developed by the Parliament’s IT department.

With registration now closed 23,343 people, some will trial the new system when voting on June 24.

“We are trialling at this referendum a voter identification system for possible use further on in general elections etc,” Referendum Administrator, Paul Martinez told journalists.

“It is a method which hopefully would one; speed up the process of issuing a vote and two; make sure that there is no administrative error where a person is issued a vote twice and three; it does away again with the impersonation.”

“Where someone can come and impersonate someone else and ask for a vote.”

Impersonation? What about computer "glitches" intentionally programmed into the system?

Full article at link.