Parents Write In Support Of Unvaccinated Teacher Redeployed By Department Of Education

A group of 17 parents have sent a letter to the Department of Education in order to show their support for a Primary School teacher who was redeployed following her decision not to vaccinate.

The parents say that the teacher “was unable to comply with additional requirements (daily swabbing or wearing a mask while teaching 7 hours a day) imposed by the school” adding that “no peer reviewed data” was offered to allay her fears on the “long term adverse affects of the continuous use of these requirements.”

A representative from the group of parents said: “The teacher was supportive of a copy of the letter being sent to the press but due to the distress and anxiety the incident has already brought upon her it was requested that the name of the individual and school be redacted. We understand that there are more teachers and learning support assistants at threat of or already having been redeployed.

“The parents understand that while guidelines may have been followed by all involved, every effort should be made to avoid redeployment and to return the individuals to their previous posts as soon as possible. The impact on children and the teaching staff from redeployment should be given at least as much weight as the risks from the virus itself, which the Public Health Director has already confirmed that schools are no longer a vector for infection.”

The letter is posted below with permission: