Orthodox Leaders – Pro-Palestinian; Anti-Zionism Messages


Elhanan Beck and his message on Palestine

"Zionism is a rebellion against The Almighty."

Elhanan Beck - Israel is the most dangerous place for a Jew to live

"The 7th of October didn't start on, it started in 1948..."

Elhanan Beck says those who justify or commit genocide are not Jews

Speaking with Anadolu on Thursday, the Rabbi rejected the Zionist regime's claims about protecting the Jews, saying the occupied Palestine is the most dangerous place for the followers of the religion of Moses. If one goes around the entire world, he will find only one insecure place for the Jews and that place is the occupied Palestine, he said. Referring to Zionist claims that “Muslims want to kill all the Jews. The Muslims want to throw all the Jews into the sea,” the Rabbi said, “It's completely false. Everybody who knows a bit of history. They know we have a golden life in the Muslim countries. We were persecuted in many places in the world. And the Muslims saved us. They gave us a golden place to live, there.

Elhannan Beck: The problem Here is Not Religion, it’s Occupation

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Haim Sofer

Haim Sofer breaks down in tears as he looks through images from Gaza, and demands Israeli leaders be judged and jailed at the Hague for war crimes.

“The place of this Zionist government and the place of this head of the Zionist air force which conducted this war crime by bombarding so many millions of innocent people, they’re supposed to be shipped into The Hague in Netherlands.

There is a court, International Court for Justice for war criminals. That’s their place.

They should be judged and jailed and receive their punishments, which they deserve,” he says.

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"Muslims were hiding Jews in Mosques to save them from the Nazis."
"There is no problem between Jews and Muslims. The only problem is Zionism." - Haim Sofer, member of the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement.