One Way Out - The Way Home or face The Fire

Never heard of David Goldberg before, but upon investigation, he appears legitimate and was given a voice on Veterans Today. He died June 2019 before the current events we are witnessing right now.

The purpose of posting the link to the video is that it speaks much of what we are seeing now:

Removal of truth channels (i.e. from You Tube).

Controlled opposition (gatekeepers and shills used to track and trace political dissenters)


Targeted viral attacks, "flu outbreak"

Indicating timeline is 2020 (second wave?) /2021

Blackouts / power outages

Media endorsing insane / crazy ideas

Global financial collapse

It is posted for reasons above and is not intended as an anti-Trump message.

Goldberg speculates Zionist connections to Trump.

Link to his video: David Goldberg's FINAL WORDS: Classified docs reveal DEADLY "Project Zyphr" : @political_hacker : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Way home or face The Fire:



Thank-you for sharing New Song. The video must have been to good since it is has already been removed. Here is an article link.

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You are welcome P.

Looks like the first link is working for the archived interview. Thank-you for the article link.

Panic-mode is daily right now. Not in the sense of hysterical panicking, but at the very least, seriously concerned; setting priorities on which battles to fight because there are so many!

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You are kindly welcome New Song. Agreed.

One day at a time , one step at a time.


Yes he has a interview on BITCHUTE. He explains in 2021 - 2022 will begin the mass genocide. FEMA death camps, fake virus. They plan to say the disease is so bad the government has full power

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It is good to see you here.

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Daniel 12 :10


Dear @peter,

Thank-you for the Scripture.

This seems to confirm more of what he said was talked about in the documents:

"Based on past evidence, it seems to require a catastrophe to snap us out of our bad ideas."
"Nothing in the world is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

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