On this day: 911 False Flag Operation

9/11 Remembered

Posted on 09/13/2023 by EraOfLight
This short CNN news clip played once and was taken off air (54″).

It’s a miracle that this compilation of initial MSM reports survived. As a commenter said, notice that none of the reporters mention planes crashing into the towers – they all discuss the ‘demolitions’. That’s because the CGI was added later (2′ video).

9/11: 'Back in days when the mainstream media were sayin…'

President Trump gave a solemn speech on the anniversary. He lived in NYC at the time so this day is close to his heart (1′ 45″ video).


Meanwhile a dementia patient named [B]iden was kept well away from 9/11 commemorations.

The heartache of that day remains after 22 years. We must NEVER forget.

Change of subject…

A veteran pilot whistle-blower said that pilots will not participate in another Scamdemic jab mandate. This is a must-watch – he starts speaking at 50″ (4 minute video).

‘…The vaccine has done heart damage to all the pilots. Every pilot is talking about it and every pilot refuses to get any more vaccines…None of the pilots are going to participate (mandates) anymore. The pilots are DONE with the nonsense…’ (Whistle-blower pilot)

The people of Lahaina speak the TRUTH in hearings – it was NOT a natural disaster (2′ 48″ video).

My heart is heavy after watching the 9/11 footage. Humanity has endured so much suffering at the hands of the dark forces. No wonder President Trump had a moment during the recent rally speech.

I remember years ago when the horrifying truth of how adrenochrome is made suddenly hit me, like a punch in the stomach. I sobbed uncontrollably for the agony of those children. It was beyond comprehension, and it still is. Thank God for the extraordinary military personnel who have rescued those children. NEVER again.

The Light has already won on the Earth plane. Victory is assured.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.org Sept 14, 2023
In response to 9/11, Republican Attorney General John Ashcroft told an obedient Congress on a Wednesday to have a sweeping expansion of executive power and dramatic curtailment of American’s civil rights ready in bill form by the end of the week. As Matt Taibbi reminds us, “Congress quickly delivered with ‘roving’ wiretaps, warrantless searches, ‘trap and trace’ searches, law enforcement and intelligence access to grand jury information, use of FISA monitoring for non-foreign situations, reduction or elimination of predicate requirements for FBI investigations, and elimination of judicial review for most of these activities, among many other things in the USA PATRIOT Act. It all passed on October 26th.” A Day that Never Ended - by Matt Taibbi - Racket News

These measures had nothing whatsoever to do with fighting Muslim terror. To the contrary, these measures gave the government the power to terrorize Americans.

Try to name Muslim terror attacks on America other than, if you believe the official narrative, 9/11. You can’t, because there aren’t any. Terror attacks on America were so non-existent that the FBI had to search for confused people and groups, convince them, enhanced with monetary bribes, to adopt a FBI prepared terror attack, and then arrest them before the attack could be attempted. The FBI always explained that “the public was never in danger” as control of the operation was in FBI’s hands.

But the public is very much in danger from the police state measures that Taibbi lists. “Muslim terror” was so conspicuous by its absence that Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano announced that Homeland Security was being refocused on domestic American “extremists,” which has come to mean Trump supporters against whom the US government is deploying the police state measures.

The first part of the “war on terror” was against Americans’ civil liberties. The second part of the war was on Israel’s opponents in the Middle East. In the case of Iraq and Libya entire countries were destroyed, millions killed and maimed, and displaced to Europe and the US with the strange result of importing Muslims who were said to be terrorists into the Homeland.

Ask yourself how Americans managed to fall for the propaganda that the US was under widespread attack from Muslims. The “Muslim threat” was played to such an extent that the Attorney General said, “we need every tool available to us,” by which he meant getting rid of the US Constitution. The foundation of the American police state was established on the basis of only one attack, 9/11, falsely attributed to Muslims.

If the Muslims were really capable of outwitting the entirety of the US national security apparatus, why did they stop with the WTC? With such glorious success, why did they not continue? Why instead did the FBI have to create fake terror events in order to keep the public believing we were under attack?

Notice how we are always “under attack.” If it is not Muslims, it is Covid, or Donald Trump.


Israel Did 9/11 - The Definitive Documentary. Zionist Inspection

A meme we've all heard:

Jetful can't melt steel beams!

However, see what an expert of steel has to say about that:-

Pity he didn't explain how an aluminium clad plane can penetrate a steel girder clad building when even birds can cause serious damage to aluminium nose cones on planes. I mean the guy is such an "expert". you think he would have thought of this eh?

the second tower hit, the jet fuel burned up in a giant fireball..... strangely it was the first tower to fall

Is it a fair comparison to compare the damage to the cone of an airplane by a bird to what the whole plane, some roughly 150 tons slamming into the towers at high speed? I don't think so.

Here's some good discussion on this

Jet airplane crash test

I would think a steel girder clad building would do far more damage than a bird to the plane. But if you believe the CGI footage of 911, the nose even comes out the other side.

Yeah, but the towers weren't solid brick walls but steel beams with large gaps in between them... . And that was a much smaller fighter plane

lol, so you're a no-planer? oh yeah sure, 1990s CGI (sarcasm)

We should probably shift these comments over to one of the 911 threads. This is for memes after all.


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