Objectors to Queen's Gate Precinct development highlight concerns to the DPC

Close to 200 objectors are reportedly submitting letters to the DPC in respect of the proposed development at the site of the old Queen's Cinema and Hotel.

Plans for the mixed use area were filed at the DPC last month and include retail and hospitality spaces, residential units as well as a hotel and a dance hall.

However, an Objection Group consisting mainly of residents in the area has raised a number of concerns, including the size and mass of the project.

Plans submitted to the DPC for the proposed Queen's Gate Precinct envisages a 're-vitalised southern part of the city

But objectors say the development's height and size will create an eyesore and will set a precedent. They point out that it's not in keeping with the traditional character of the area, where buildings stop at the seventh floor, and are concerned it would set a precedent.

The group is also calling for a full transport and traffic study. The plans include retail units but the objectors have concerns about their commercial viability.

Other objections includes externalised costs such as the beautification of Grand Parade and the underground car park, all of which it claims the development will benefit from, but which will be paid for entirely by the taxpayer.

As for the environment, it says the carbon cost of the tall development will be onerous.

Queen's Gate Precinct has yet to go before the DPC and the objectors urge the Commission to ensure the height of development is more in keeping with the area.

The deadline for submitting objections is Wednesday the 6th September.